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Spring 2016 Ag Innovator Magazine

Explore topics on protecting your workplace,  adding value in this ag
equipment market, and getting the most from your employees.

AGI Cover

♦  Member Focus: Bestway Positions Itself for Ag Uptick
♦  Shortliner Manufacturers Compete for Distribution
♦  Talking to Peers Offers Immeasurable Value
♦  A Look at Workplace Violence
♦  Preventing Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace
♦  Drones Take Ag Industry to New Heights
♦  Managing the Supply Chain in a Volatile Industry
♦  Five Keys to Adding Value in the Ag Equipment Market
♦  Ag Clusters, Hubs, and Innovations
♦  How to Get the Most Out of Your People

This Association represents manufacturers of specialized agricultural equipment, their suppliers and their distributors. We understand their needs and work hard to be the voice of a specialized industry that continues to bring choice, value and innovation to agriculture.

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association reaches out and connects small manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, giving them the advantage over their competitors. 


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