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Senate Starts Debates with Final Tax Reform Vote Set for Friday
Senate votes 52-48 to begin 20 hours of debate on the overhaul of the U.S. federal tax code. Changes in bill would increase the income tax deduction for pass-through businesses to 20 percent from 17.4 percent. >>>

Ag's Trade Surplus for 2017 Increases by 30 percent
The U.S. exported more agricultural products than it imported in 2017 by a $21.3 billion margin. That's a 30 percent increase over last year. >>>

Deere Reports Strong Q4, Forecasts Big Gains in 2018
A quarterly earnings report and 2018 forecast from Deere may signal a turnaround in the long-struggling farm equipment industry. >>>

Dealer News
The Cervus dealer network reported a strong third quarter, and Ag-Pro expanded its network in the southern U.S. >>>

EPA Will Rewrite WOTUS
The EPA and Army Corp of Engineers plan a comprehensive rewrite of the embattled Clean Water Act. During the two-year process, the agencies propose that the rule that was in place prior to 2015 is restored. >>>


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