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Harold B. Halter Memorial Scholarship

This page provides members updates on the status of the fund, announce recent awards and information where contributions can be sent and a copy of the original trust agreement.

Status of Scholarship

The 2017 recipient of the Harold B. Halter Memorial Scholarship is Ms. Sheyann Bowles. She will be attending Southeastern Illinois College's Nursing Program.

We received a thank you note from the 2015 scholarship recipient, Kaitlyn Pruemer. 

The recipient of the 2014 scholarship award was Paul Coen. Paul was attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Paul made the Dean's List his first semester at SIUC and he is in the ROTC program at SIUC.  

The trust funds are invested by the school district and amounted to over $30,000 as of the last report.   Updated 5/26/2017 VFS

About Harold Halter

Executive Vice President of this association for 29-years, Harold B. Halter was a remarkable man, an astute business man, a skilled journalist and a decorated Army officer.  But beyond all these things, he was a warm human being with a delightful sense of humor.  "Warmth and wit were his trademark," one friend wrote.

Harold Halter's friends want to keep his memory alive.  They have established a scholarship in his name at the high school he attended in Golconda, IL.  Each year an outstanding student - chosen by the school principal, the guidance counselor, the superintendent, a circuit judge, and the president of the Golconda Rotary Club - will receive a scholarship of $1000 to apply against tuition and fees at any two-year or four-year college of the students choice.

The award will be made to a Pope County Community High School student who demonstrates leadership ability, contributes a favorable image of the high school, exhibits character and personal development, displays a sense of responsibility, participates in both school and non-school activities and provides a level of financial self-support.

Born in Golconda, Illinois, Harold graduated from high school there.  Then he attended Louisiana State University, where he earned a degree in journalism in 1939.  As a member of the R.O.T.C. he received a commission as 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation from Louisiana State University.  He worked as a reporter for the Golconda Herald-Enterprise until he was called to active Army duty in September 1941.

After the war he became managing editor of the Marion (IL) Daily Republic.  Later he was managing editor of Farm and Power Equipment Magazine.  Then for five years he was public relations director for the National Farm and Power Equipment Dealers Association.

He gave up that job to cast his lot with the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association.  He built it from a financially-distressed trade group to a powerhouse with over 700 members.  And, along the way, he taught many equipment manufacturers how to be better business men and he became their friend - someone they admired.  He retired in 1983 and became a world traveler with his wife Pauline.

Halter died on December 2, 1988 after a heart attack at the age of 71.  At his funeral and burial in the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks, friends said they hoped to find some permanent form of memorial for Harold Halter.  This scholarship fund, established with the Pope County Community School District, is the result of that desire.  They hope and expect there will be many more contributions by friends, making possible a larger award and/or an additional scholarship.

Gifts to the Harold B. Halter Memorial Scholarship Trust should be sent in care of Pope County Community Unit School District 1, Route 2, Box 20B, Golconda, IL  62938 

Harold B. Halter Memorial Scholarship Trust

This Trust Agreement is executed this 22nd day of September, 1989 by Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association, as Grantor, and the Pope County Community Unit School District No. 1 Board of Education of Pope County, Illinois, as Trustee.

Harold B. Halter had a long association with Grantor.  He provided generous amounts of his time and energy in furtherance of the goals of Grantor and the successes of Grantor are due in no small part to the efforts of HAROLD B. HALTER.   HAROLD B. HALTER was a graduate of the school systems in Pope County, Illinois and it is the belief of Grantor that a fitting memorial to HAROLD B. HALTER would be the establishment of a scholarship fund which will annually award a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) scholarship to a graduate of the Pope County Community High School.

Grantor does hereby transfer, assign and convey to the Pope County Community Unit School District No. 1 Board of Education of Pope County, Illinois, as Trustee, the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00).  That sum and any other contributions which may be paid to the HAROLD B. HALTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP TRUST shall be held and administered according to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

This Trust Agreement shall be construed and administered according to the laws of the State of Illinois.

The Trustee each year shall award a One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) scholarship to a qualifying student selected by the following individuals: Pope County Community High School Principal, Pope County Community High School Guidance Counselor, District Superintendent of Schools for Pope County, Circuit Court Judge for the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit, Pope County, Illinois and the President of the Golconda, Illinois Rotary Club.  The identity of the individual to whom the scholarship is to be awarded shall be made known to the Trustee by May 1 of each year commencing May 1, 1990.  Each scholarship shall be in the amount of $1,000.00 and shall be payable in two annual installments of $500.00 each for the benefit of the recipient.  The payment shall be made by the Trustee directly to the college where the recipient is enrolled.  The payment shall be applied as a credit toward the student's tuition and fees and shall in no event be made available directly to the recipient.  Eligibility to receive the second $500.00 payment shall be dependent upon the recipient achieving a grade point average of 2.5 based upon a 4 point system.  In the event that the recipient is not entitled to receive the second $500.00 payment, either because of an insufficient grade point average or because the recipient does not return to college then that $500.00 portion of the scholarship shall be retained by or returned to the Trustee.

The winner of any scholarship shall have been accepted for enrollment as a full time student in a junior or four year accredited college or university and shall have met all or most of the following criteria:

1.  The student will have been enrolled in the Pope County Community High School for at least the previous two years.

2.  The student shall have exhibited excellence in scholarship, including one who has shown marked improvement in academic work.

3.  The student shall have contributed to the favorable image of Pope County Community High School by such student's behavior in school and in the community.

4.  The student shall have demonstrated leadership ability, which has been directed towards positive oals.

5.  The student shall have shown outstanding character and personal development, including participation in non-school activities.

6.  The student shall have demonstrated a continuing desire to grow academically and socially.

7.  The student shall have developed a sense of responsibility, and satisfactorily demonstrated this quality.

8.  The student shall have participated in and shown support for school activities and undertakings.

9. The student shall have shown a willingness to meet the needs of others, and show consistent kindness and consideration for the student's classmates.

10.  The student shall have shown a level of financial self-support.

Grantor shall be informed annually of the name and a brief biography of the recipient of the scholarship.

The Trustee shall use so much of the income and principal of the Trust as is necessary to pay for the benefit of each of the scholarship recipients the full scholarship amount of $1,000.00.  Any income not needed for repayment of the scholarship in any given year shall be added to principal.  Every five years the individuals who are given the responsibility of selecting the scholarship recipient shall consider whether the scholarship amount to be awarded should be increased.  In making this determination they shall take into account increases, if any, in the consumer price index and general increases in the costs of tuition and room and board.  In the event that a determination is made that a greater amount of money should be awarded as a scholarship in order to be equivalent to the $1,000.00 awarded in 1990 then the amount of such scholarship shall be increased appropriately.

In the event that the Pope County Community High School by reason of a merger or otherwise no longer exists as a separate entity then the High School Principal and High School Guidance Counselor hereinabove referred to shall be deemed to be the High School Principal and High School Guidance Counselor as the public High School which residents of Golconda, Illinois then would attend.

In the event that the position of District Superintendent of Schools for Pope County be eliminated then the office holder carrying out those duties now discharged by the District Superintendent of Schools shall serve on the selection committee.

In the event that the Pope County Community Unit School District No. 1 Board of Education of Pope County, Illinois no longer exists as an entity then the entity carrying out those functions currently being performed by said Board shall act as Trustee.

This Trust is irrevocable and shall not be revoked by any person or entity.


The Trustee shall have such powers as are granted from time to time to a Trustee under the Illinois Trusts and Trustees Acts to the extent that such powers are not inconsistent with the purpose, terms and provisions of this Trust.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have affixed their signatures the day and year first above written.



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