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Jamie Silver

Muir Omni Graphics
Elected 2012
Joe Sampson

Osmundson Mfg. Co.
Elected 2014
Jon Sherrod
Vice Chairman

Bondioli & Pavesi, Inc.
Elected 2013

Scott Moss

Comer Industries
Elected 2014

Marc Adams
Elected 2016

Steve Nichol
Technical Publication Associates, Inc.
Elected 2015


John Brown
Myers Spring Co. Inc.
Elected 2017

Terry Flanary
Supplier Sect. Rep.
Board of Directors

National Tube Supply Co.
Elected 2016


Mark Czopek
Sharon Tube
Elected 2017



Former Chairs of the Supplier Board of Governors

  2016-17   Steve Kertesz   Ingersoll Tillage Group
  2015-16   Jim Parsons   Myers Spring Co. Inc.
  2014-15   Gary Esterling   ABT Bearings
  2013-14   Jim Tibbles   Osmundson Mfg. Co. 
  2012-13   Terry Flanary    National Tube Supply Co.
  2011-12   John Mills    Bondioli & Pavesi, Inc.
  2010-11   Mike Lessiter    Farm Equipment/Ag Equipment Intelligence
  2009-10   Michael Libbie   Insight Advertising
  2008-09   Scott Cohn   Haven Steel Products, Inc.
  2007-08   George Moustis   Independence Tube Corporatio
  2006-07   Richard Carr    Superior Gearbox Company
  2005-06   Jan Faassen   GKN Land Systems Division
  2004-05   Dave Laughlin   Metron Div of Primary
  2003-04   Mike McQuillen    Copperweld Corporation
  2002-03   Dan Burns   Northfield Industries
  2001-02   Richard Preston   Weasler Engineering, Inc.
  2000-01   Jim Menke   Ingersoll Products Company
  1999-00   Parry Katsafansas   Leavitt Tube Company, Inc.
  1998-99   Donald L. Jorgensen   Hypro Corporation
  1997-98   Richard Reiff   Johnson Hill Press
  1996-97   Kevin Oliver   Quanex Corporation
  1995-96   James K. Ryder   Ryder Sales Agency, Inc.
  1994-95   John Swanson   Primary Steel LLC
  1993-94   James D. Dorn   Machanical Components, Inc. 
  1992-93   C. Davis Nelsen, II   Nelsen Steel Company
  1991-92   James V. McMahon   McMahon, McBride & Co.
  1990-91   Ray Nadolny   Corey Steel Company
  1989-90   Chester I. Nielson III   Wesbar Corproation
  1988-89   Dennis J. Kerber   Ingersoll Products Co.
  1987-88   Roy G. Brandt   Winamax Division
  1986-87   John P. Mullin   Calumet Steel Company
  1985-86   James Hiller   W.C. Bradley Enterprises
  1984-85   James Rank   Farm Equipment Magazine
  1983-84   Chuck Klopf   Successful Farming
  1982-83   Fred Sauer   Armco Inc.
  1981-82   William "Bill" Ellis   Dana Corporation
  1980-81   Robert V. DiBlasio   Inland Steel Company
  1979-80   Gary Rosenboom   Valmont Industries
  1978-79   G. P. Later   Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc.
  1977-78   W. O. Nostrand   Mid-West Company
  1976-77   Jack Cederquist   Russell, Budsall & Ward, Inc.
  1975-76   David J. Evans   Kilsby-Roberts Company
  1974-75   Clifford D. Nelsen   Nelson Steel & Wire Company
  1973-74   Bruce Clausonthue   Joseph T. Ryerson & Son
  1972-73   Bruce Boyle   Successful Farming
  1971-72   Tom Matey   Inland Steel Company
  1969-71   Art Freed   Ingersoll Products Division
  1968-69   G. G. Kochel   Neapco Products
  1967-68   Paul Lovejoy   Rockwell Standard
  1966-67   F. K. L. Johnson   ACME Chain Corp.
  1965-66   R. E. Shamburg   Mid-West Forging & Manufacturing

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