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Ben Hellbusch, Duo Lift Mfg. Co., Inc.

Julie Chamberland, Bellota/Ira Svendsgaard & Assoc.

Nick Jensen, Thurston Mfg.

Stan McFarlane, McFarlane Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Committee Goals & Objectives

The Education Committee shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term or reappointed for a one-year term.  Terms shall be alternated so that approximately one-third of the committee shall be newly appointed each year.  In addition, the President shall serve ex officio as a non-voting member.


1. Assess membership educational and informational needs and develop seminars, roundtables, and programs to address these needs through methods other than the Fall Convention and Spring Management Clinic

2. Develop and pursue academic resources that will help the Membership

3. Develop a plan to deliver education and information to all levels of the Membership through coordinated efforts with affiliated associations

Goals and Actions

1. Develop innovative seminars and investigate the feasibility of alternative methods of training, such as cassette tapes, video tapes, satellite seminars, and white papers on selected topics.

2. Coordinate and participate in seminar and training activities through attendance, marketing, and letter-writing designed to encourage members to support programs.


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