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Committee Goals & Objectives

The International Relations Committee shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term or reappointed for a one-year term.  Terms shall be alternated so that approximately one-third of the committee shall be newly appointed each year.  In addition, the President shall serve ex officio as a non-voting member.

    A.    Objectives

    1.  Develop a plan that provides educational assistance and resources for members interested in export.

    2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to tariff and regulation changes that may be necessary for profitable trade.

    B.    Goals and Actions

    1.    Develop brochures or other promotions that explain export topics and procedures.

     2.    Study statistics and make recommendations that could interest the Membership.

     3.    Organize an informal roundtable at the Fall Convention.

     4.    Monitor members' interest in export marketing and make recommendations
             to the Board of Directors as to additional programs.


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