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Nick Jensen,
      Thurston Mfg. Co.

Andrew Cummings,
     T.G. Schmeiser Company, Inc.

Pat Meenen,
      Bestway, Inc.

John Brown,
      Myers Spring

Arlon Rahn,
      A & R Marketing

Jamie Silver,
      Muir Omni Graphics

Tom Taylor
      Alamo Group
Terrie Lynema
     Environmental Coatings



Committee Goals & Objectives

The Membership Committee shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term or reappointed for a one-year term.  Terms shall be alternated so that approximately one-third of the committee shall be newly appointed each year.  In addition, the President shall serve ex officio as a non-voting member.

A.    Objectives

1.    Assess membership marketing and develop appropriate advertising, public relations, and promotion programs to promote member involvement, new member enlistment, and membership retention.

2.    Assess the Association's communication efforts and submit suggestions to the Board of Directors regarding regular membership publications.

3.    Develop methods to involve Association leadership and committees in membership   recruitment and retention.

4.    Plan the annual New Member Reception at the Fall Convention.

B.    Goals and Actions

1.    Develop membership recruitment themes and promotions.

2.    Develop and make recommendations as to video tapes, slide promotions, and other innovative projects to enhance membership retention.

3.    Act as official greeter of new members at all Association activities.

4.    Host activities of the New Member Reception.

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