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Nominating Committee for Directors

2016 Chair

Paula Kaster,
  Kasco Manufacturing

Committee Members

Ricky Brown
  Brown Manufacturing

John Malinowski
  Leons Manufacturing

Don Landoll 
  Landoll Corporation

Bob Atkinson 
  W & A Manufacturing

Goals & Objectives

The Nominating Committee for Directors shall be appointed by the President for a one-year term and shall consist of five Regular Members, at least one of whom shall be a Past President and none of whom shall be active Board of Directors members.  A Past President will serve as the Chairman of the committee.  In addition, the President shall serve ex officio as a non-voting member.

A.    Objectives

1.  Develop a list of candidates qualified, willing, and able to serve as a Director.

2.  Review candidates with the Board of Directors, as provided for in the bylaws.

3.  Determine a slate of candidates to fill the required number of Board of Directors positions and nominate that slate at the Association's Annual Business Session.

B.    Goals and Actions

1.  Review the Association's bylaws concerning the nomination process.

2.  Follow the guidelines for identifying potential Directors as established by the Board of Directors. 


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