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Save On Your Transportation Costs With AFS

Transportation costs are one of the many concerns this association has long looked at. Now our Services Corp. is bringing you an exciting new benefit that will help you lower these costs, as it already has for several Members.

For 27 years, AFS Logistics has been helping companies with transportation cost management. Now helping more than 800 companies, including several of our members, with more than $500 million in transportation, AFS has saved an average of 15% on shipping costs.

AFS works on a contingency basis leveraging their experience and buying power to reduce your costs for shipments. Members using this service will meet with AFS to discuss their needs and implement a program specific to their own company. The benefits of our partnership with AFS include: Post audit of freight invoices of your past three to six months transportation invoices; Freight bill payment; Online rate shopping; Bill of lading; Fuel surcharge cost reduction; Vendor routing process; Freight claims management; Least cost carrier reporting; Misroute reporting; Small package service failure recovery; and much, much more!

What's most important to you — there are no out of pocket costs. It simply boils down to — if there are no savings — there are no fees. AFS will return your invoices in just a couple of weeks and present a check for 50% of any overcharges that they recover.

AFS has 150 employees and 25 locations providing post audit of transportation invoices. The firm utilizes sophisticated, time-proven technologies with years of research and development invested. They maintain significant working relationships with industry-leading providers and maintain web-based business intelligence and analytical reporting tools to improve your business decisions. AFS' transportation mode analysts bring new efficiencies and assist customers in reducing costs within their business practices.

To learn more about AFS and the services they offer, go to website, .

Members interested in the services of AFS Logistics should contact Sylvester Byrd in Overland Park, KS, by phone at (913) 362-8111 or by email at

It should be noted that the endorsement of AFS Logistics by our Services Corporation in no way affects the endorsement of LTL carrier YRC, Yellow/Roadway Corp. YRC remains the exclusively-endorsed carrier for our members after many successful years of reliable and economical service to our members.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can my company keep its existing providers?
A: AFS offers a non-intrusive program; it is not our goal to either interrupt client-provider relationships or limit your company's select group of providers.
Q: Will working with AFS compromise my current service levels with my core group of carriers?
A: No. Your service levels will not change. AFS works, in collaboration with your company, to exceed your current level of service with your core group of carriers.
Q: Does AFS replace the role and responsibilities of my company Traffic Manager?
A: Absolutely not. In fact, once we are selected to put our services to work for you, we work closely with many departments within your organization. One of those being the Traffic Manager, who plays a vital role in helping bring the planned savings to the bottom line. 



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