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When it comes to choice, it's our members, Shortline Manufacturers, who add choice to the major tractor manufacturers dealership.  Many of our members manufacturer equipment and sell their implements in only a small region of the country.

If you like doing business with a family-run manufacturing company that creates jobs in your region of the country, it's very likely you will find that manufacturer right here on this website.


This is an area where our members really shine.  From the first moldboard plow to the latest in Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association members are small enough and have a long history of bringing innovation to the market quickly and at a price farmers and ranchers can afford.

The links you will find in our Product Index will take you directly to the manufacturers' websites.  There you will find information on the specs and options available on just the right equipment to meet your needs.  Once you head for the dealership, you will be armed with all of the information you need to make a informed decision.  You may be surprised at how much further your dollars will go when you look at the Shortline option.