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Thank you for your interest in the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association. If you want to sell your products, network within the industry and save money, this is the association for you. 

From our specialized discount programs, to our twice-monthly newsletter, we will help you get the best value for your dues and help you remain competitive in the agricultural industry. In addition to our great programs, one of the biggest benefits membership will bring to your company, will be the opportunity to make new contacts within the industry. 

With over 720 members, the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association reaches out and connects small manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers together, giving them the advantage over their competitors. The association is the one place where members can increase their knowledge of what other similar manufacturers are doing in the industry. 

Please take a look at all of our programs and if you are still not convinced that membership is worth the cost, contact the office by e-mail or phone: 314.878.2304 for a new member's packet which will further describe our programs and meetings. 



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