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Regular North America Membership Application PDF 
Any entity possessing fixed manufacturing assets within the United States and/or Canada– and actively engaged in the manufacture and sale of shortline farm equipment may apply for membership.

Foreign Membership Application PDF
Any individual entity which meets the eligibility requirements for Regular Membership but does not have manufacturing facilities in the United States and/or Canada but does maintain a United States and/or Canadian-based sales office.

Marketing Associate Membership Application PDF 
Any entity involved in the marketing of farm, garden, power, and light industrial equipment (“Equipment”) which possesses a warehouse facility for wholesale distribution of Equipment or purchases and resells Equipment or physically markets or earns a sale-based commission from the manufacturer or distributor of Equipment may apply for Marketing Associate Membership. 

Supplier Associate Membership Application PDF
Any entity not qualifying for Regular or Foreign Membership but which supplies raw materials, component parts of whole goods, or other services to farm equipment manufacturers as approved by the Board of Directors, not to include marketing of whole goods, may apply for Supplier Associate Membership. 



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