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DOJ Calls Monoploy on Deere's Purchase of Planting Technology
When the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against Deere recently, arguing its purchase of Monsanto’s Precision Planting business would give Deere a monopoly in planting technology, we understood. We were disappointed though that what we see as other moves to monopolize the industry go . . . >>>

Thinking About Buying or Selling? Get Tips from Experts
The challenging farm economy has contributed to a climate in which companies are considering change: merging, selling, or buying. KCoe, an agricultural consulting and accounting firm, will join members at the Marketing & Distribution Convention in San Diego to offer . . . >>>

Oh, the Irony: Union Thwarts Workers' Effort to Unionize
“Fight for $15” minimum wage movement made headlines recently for not paying its field organizers $15 an hour and resisting workers’ effort to unionize. >>>

Bayer's Monsanto acquisition to face politically charged scrutiny
Bayer AG's $66 billion all-cash deal to acquire Monsanto Co will test growing political and consumer unease. Bayer’s pesticide-focused business has few overlaps with Monsanto's dominant seed franchise. Still, marrying two of the world's top farm suppliers at a time when rivals are also merging is fuelling concern over reduced competition in the $100 billion global market. >>>

Food Prices Head Toward Record Low
Farmers are getting less for raw milk, cheese and cattle, forcing them to slash spending, which further complicates the bottom line for . . . >>>

In Costly Health Insurance Market, Deductibles Rise
The median in-network deductible on employer-sponsored PPO health plans increased 50 percent from $1,000 to $1,500 in 2016. Raising the deductible $500, you avoid a premium increase of roughly . . . >>>

In Memoriam: Gordon Thomsen
Gordon Thomsen, the founder of Trail King Industries, died in August due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. He was 89. He will be remembered for his business acumen, sense of humor, and generosity. >>>

Maxilator Partners with Tie Down
Member company Maxilator has announced a partnership with Tie Down Engineering. Company says, ". . . partnership will bring immediate design, engineering, manufacturing and financial resources to Maxilator Equipment.” >>>

Christie Vetoes Wage Bill
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie last week vetoed a bill to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour over five years. Thirty states have set minimum wages above . . . >>>

World Awash in Wheat, Supply Must Diminish for Prices to Rise
The world inventory of wheat has climbed from 4.6 billion bushels in 2007/2008 to a projected 9.3 billion bushels in 2016/2017. The world is awash in wheat, and prices will not rise above . . . >>>

Official Notice: Annual Meeting, Election of Officers
The Annual Business Meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association is 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016. The brief meeting is held as part of the Marketing & Distribution Convention at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego. >>>

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