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We'll Focus on Distribution at the Convention in Houston
Now's the time to plan for the 2017 Marketing & Distribution Convention. Early registrants save over $200 and enjoy more flexibility when they make appointments. Calendars fill quickly for wholesalers and independent reps. >>>

Integrity Testing Reduces Workers Comp Claims
Employers who have adopted integrity testing find that the practice can pay for itself by reducing costs associated with workers comp claims. >>>

Jobs Report Shows Improved Pace in Manufacturing
Jobs in manufacturing grew at their fastest pace in three years. The news is part of a generally optimistic jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. >>>

Farm Groups Urge Trump to Dial Down Rhetoric on Steel
U.S. steelmakers want the White House to play tough with nations that offer state support for steel production. U.S. farmers, however, feel differently. Ag groups last week urged the Department of Commerce to "avoid igniting a trade war." >>>

U.S. Trade Rep Vows to Push Back on GMOs
One of the first tasks of a newly formed federal task force on rural America is to remove barriers to economic prosperity. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says that means the U.S. will insist that if a country blocks an ag import from the United States, the country better base that decision on science. >>>

Administration Calls for Expanded Rural Broadband
Infrastructure plan calls for improved broadband in rural areas. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue calls efficient internet connectivity as important today as telephone, water, sewer, and roads. >>>

Wait Continues for USDA Undersecretaries
The national agriculture community continues to wait for the appointment of 15 people who will serve as undersecretaries to the USDA. The appointments may be delayed until after the August recess. >>>

Ruling Limits 'Forum Shopping' in Product Liability Cases
A recent Supreme Court decision on product liability will "extremely limit the notion that large companies can be sued by anyone, anywhere," according to a legal analyst. >>>

NY Passes Bill on Slow-Moving Sign
More pieces of farm equipment traveling on roadways in New York may soon require a "slow moving" emblem. A bill is in process now to increase the rate of speed at which such an emblem would be required. >>>

Dealers Want to Talk in Person
Put down your phone. Take your hands off the keyboard. Your equipment dealer probably wants to see you in person. >>>

Group Health Market Shrinks
Another group health insurance provider has exited the market because of "uncertainty and upheaval" in the industry. The insurer has "little confidence" that things will improve soon. >>>

Farmers Win Against Syngenta
Farmers in Kansas won a nearly $220 million settlement from Syngenta AG over the GMO case that caused U.S. corn prices to plummet after China rejected shipments. Thousands of other corn producers and traders also seek damages from Syngenta. >>>

EPA Proposes Fuel Volumes
The EPA recently released proposed volume requirements for 2018 and a diesel volume requirement for 2019. >>>

Look Who's Celebrating (and Joining)!
The strength of this Association rests with its members. We take this opportunity to thank the companies who have milestone anniversaries this month, and we welcome recent applicants. >>>

ASABE Revises Field Equipment Safety Standard
The ASABE has completed a revision to its field equipment safety standard. Learn how you can access the new information. >>>

Strip Till Farmer Launches Webinar
Strip-Till Farmer soon will debut the first in a series of webinars for the strip-till community. Jack Zemlicka will host the first session on July 19. >>>

Alamo Group Completes Purchase
Alamo Group Inc. has completed the previously announced acquisition of Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc. >>>

Sentry Kicks Off Construction
Sentry Insurance broke ground recently on a new 270,000-square-foot office in Stevens Point, Wis. >>>

Union Accuses Goats of Butting In
A university in Michigan recently introduced goats into its ground maintenance plan, and the union that has had the university's grass-cutting contract has filed a grievance. The complaint says the goats are doing jobs that could go to laid-off union workers. >>>

Cyber Tips: Threat Modeling and Asset Identification
Worried about becoming the victim of cyber theft? Follow these low-cost, low-tech strategies for a little peace of mind. >>>

Commentary: Right to Repair Connects to Farmers' 'Spirit of Self-Sufficiency'
Farmers' ability to repair their own equipment is a time-and-money issue, but it's about something else, too. There's a psychological benefit to tinkering with the things we buy. It "answers to a very basic human need." >>>

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