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September 24, 2014

Sentry Insurance Announces Association Program Dividends
Since 1975, Sentry Insurance Co. and the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association have worked together to provide products liability coverage to farm equipment manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

Sentry Insurance Co. announced this week an average dividend of 10% for product liability insurance participants whose policy expired in the 2014 calendar year. Due to the tiered dividend program, those in their first year with their policy expiring in 2014 will receive 3.5% of their premium as a dividend. Those in the program for two years will receive a 7.1% dividend, and those in the program for three full years will receive a 10.6% dividend. >>>

Tillage Council Meeting to Feature Guest Speakers Ron Heck and Scott Cedarquist
Our Tillage Product Council landed two superb speakers for its Tuesday afternoon council meeting during our Fall Convention.

Ron Heck will discuss “Calories—Global demand for food produced in the U.S. and how the American farmer should plan accordingly.” Mr. Heck served as President of the Iowa Soybean Association during the development of the 1995 Farm Bill and chaired the Public Affairs Committee of the American Soybean Association during the development of the 2002 Farm Bill. As Chairman of the American Oilseed Coalition, he represented the North American oilseed industry during the WTO Ministerial Talks in Cancun in 2003 and Hong Kong in 2005. >>>

Rolling the Dice on Room Rates in Vegas?
Your best bet: Book with us now! We are starting to run short on the rooms for which we have contracted at $99 per night, and those same rooms are currently listed at $187 on the Rio’s website. >>>

Help Wanted: International Sales Manager
A producer of tillage tools, poultry house maintenance tools, and peanut harvest equipment seeks an International Sales Manager. The position is responsible for all activities related to international sales and marketing. >>>

Wisconsin DOT Says "Yes" to IoH with Tracks
We were pleased to see the Wisconsin Department of Transportation issue a clarifying rule earlier this month that allows farm equipment with rubber tracks to operate on state roads.

While the law passed earlier this year contained nothing new regarding tracks, some confusion arose due to media reports regarding the use of tractors and wagons with tracks in the state. Wisconsin Towns Association Executive Director Richard Stadelman issued a statement to the press, asserting that “tracked vehicles are not legal to operate on Wisconsin highways.” However, he did not site any statue that prohibits their use. >>>

You Can Cuss Out Your Boss and Still Keep Your Job, Says NLRB
The National Labor Relations Board increasingly sides with employees who insult and curse at their employers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In several recent cases, NLRB seemed to condone profanity and insubordination among U.S. workers, as it ruled in favor of those who were fired after cursing at their employers or supervisors. >>>

Roto-Mix Announces Promotions and Organizational Changes
Rod Neier, President and CEO of Roto-Mix, LLC, announced several promotions and organizational changes within the company. Mark Cooksey was promoted to Vice President of Operations, Kelly Wittman was promoted to Director of Manufacturing Operations, and Angus Snyder was promoted to Director of Materials Management. Also, Roto-Mix hired Doyle Bacon to serve as Technical Services Manager, and Kevin Zahrt, Director of Wholesale Operations, will assume responsibility for the company’s marketing activities, field quality and training. >>>

M2M Surplus: Hydraulic Cylinders
The Association continues to provide free listings on its website ( for our regular members to advertise for sale their surplus supplies and equipment. The only limitation is that items offered cannot be lines the company normally sells.

Just email to the information you would like us to post, and we will do the rest.

For example, here is a new listing: >>>

China Quota Cut Leaves Cotton Market 'In a Coma'
Cotton futures tumbled after China, the top cotton consumer, revealed it will slash import quotas, amid reforms aimed at reversing the country’s build-up of huge inventories of the fiber.

Declines in cotton contract prices followed the announcement by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) that the country will issue just 894,000 tonnes of levy-free import quota for 2015, the minimum permitted by agreements with the World Trade Organization >>>

WEDA Announces New Board of Directors
The Western Equipment Dealers Association announced its Board of Directors, effective Sept. 1, 2014. Cameron Bode, South Country Equipment, Emerald Park, SK, has been elected president, and Scott Eisenhauer, P&K Equipment, Enid, OK, has been designated vice president. Bode will lead the seven-member board of directors, which is responsible for managing the association’s budget and programs. >>>

Russia Demand Will Boost Brazil's Beef, Pork Exports
The USDA predicts that Brazil’s pork exports will soar 20% next year, and beef shipments will reach an all-time high, spurred by Russia’s quest to replace supplies it forfeits by banning imports from the U.S. and the European Union.

The increases will reflect the boost to Brazilian trade from Moscow’s decision to ban for a year shipments from many Western powers in retaliation for sanctions they imposed over the Ukraine crisis. >>>

Dealer News
Titan Machinery Inc. acquired certain assets of Midland Equipment, Inc., consisting of one agriculture equipment store in Wayne, NE, which expands Titan’s agriculture presence in the state. In its most recently reported fiscal year, Midland Equipment, Inc. generated revenue of approximately $4.5 million. >>>

Missouri Ag Bill Fails By One Vote
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of an omnibus agriculture bill will stand after the House’s attempt to block his veto failed by one vote.

SB 506 began as a bill for dairy farmers and contained the “Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act of 2014.” One main provision was a subsidy to help dairy producers pay for federal insurance. >>>

Section 179 Expensing Extension Still Stalled in Senate
Earlier this year, the Senate Finance Committee approved a handful of tax extenders, including two-year reinstatement of the $500,000 section 179 expensing level for small businesses. Then the entire House approved permanent restoration of section 179 to the $500,000 level. But now the Senate committee’s proposed package has stalled in the full Senate, waiting to come up for a vote. >>>

Rethinking Noncompete Agreements
Many employers routinely require mid to upper level employees to sign noncompetition agreements, and those can create a variety of problems for the employer and employee. Some states, such as California, oppose noncompete agreements, according to The Howe & Hutton Report. They “blue-pencil” overly restrictive noncompetes, striking or revising certain provisions, while others throw out such agreements in their entirety. >>>

No Room in the Bin: Huge Grain Crops Spell Headache for U.S. Farmers
The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts record crops this year for corn and soybeans, the two largest U.S. crops in terms of production. Barring a devastating freeze or torrential rains before the harvest ends, corn production is projected at 366 million tonnes and soybeans at 106.5 million tonnes, reported Yahoo!News. >>>

Massey Ferguson and Woods Enter Joint Venture
Massey Ferguson, a tractor brand of AGCO, and Woods Equipment, an implement and attachment brand of Blount International’s Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Division, announced they have entered into an agreement to pair their respective products. >>>

ASABE to Revise Combine and
Grain Harvesting Terminology Standard
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has initiated a revision to ANSI/ASAE S343.3, Terminology for Combines and Grain Harvesting.

The standard, which contains terminology pertinent to grain combine design and performance, improves communication among engineers and researchers and provides a basis for comparative listing of machine specifications. Last updated in 1990, the standard is being revised to align terminology with currently used practices. >>>

ASABE to Revise Standard for PTO Operating Requirements
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has initiated a project to revise standard ASAE S207.12, Operating Requirements for Tractors and Power Take-off Driven Implements. The revision will included adding Type 4 PTO specifications and updating the reference documents and standard format. >>>

'Transitioning the Next Generation' Announced as Theme for 2015 Dealership Minds Summit
The editors of Farm Equipment magazine have announced that the focus of its every-other-year 2015 Dealership Minds Summit (a unique conference and networking event for dealership managers) will center exclusively on “The Next Generation” of management & ownership transitions within farm equipment dealerships. Open to professional equipment dealers, the event will be held January 13-14, 2015 at the Historic Hilton Netherland Plaza in downtown Cincinnati. >>>