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Talk to One Another, Hear from Farmers in Houston
Talking with a member last week about our annual fall meeting I learned for him the most important convention moments often happened in the hallways during his casual conversations with colleagues.

He also said the meetings were more valuable to him when business was bad, because it was important to pick up ideas and try new things. In his words, when business was off, he worried he was missing something, and he came looking for it at meetings. >>>

More Cyber Criminals Turn to Extortion
After years of stealing data for fraud and corporate espionage, hackers increasingly are trying a new way to profit from their digital break-ins: extortion. >>>

What's Next for DOL Rule?
A controversial rule that would have more than doubled the salary threshold for overtime pay was dealt its final blow in recent weeks. On August 31, the Texas court again struck down the rule, this time on merit. >>>

Lessons from the Storm: Tips on Preparing, Recovering in Disaster
Business leaders in the southern United States have put their disaster preparedness plans to the test in recent weeks. What they learned from their ordeals likely will be added to a body of information on how best to prepare and respond in such situations. They'll be added to these thoughts from a business continuity pro who experienced Superstorm Sandy. >>>

Deere Buys Blue River
Deere last week completed the acquisition of Blue River Technology for $305 million. California-based Blue River has designed technology for spraying equipment that >>>

Irma Deals Devastating Blow to Florida Ag
Hurricane Irma may have destroyed half of Florida’s $800 million citrus crop and 70 percent of ground crops. Overall losses to agriculture, which is the state’s second biggest industry, are estimated in the >>>

Analysts Project Rise in Farm Sector Profits
After three consecutive years of decline, farm sector profits are forecast to increase in 2017. Net cash farm income for 2017 is forecast at >>>

Rural Mainstreet Index Improves from July
After a painful report for July, the Creighton University Rural Mainstreet Index improved in August. The index, which ranges between 0 and 100, increased to 42.2 from 40.7 in July. The index considers >>>

Convention in Houston: the Home of Space Exploration
You’ve heard the famous line: “Houston, we have a problem.” Our optional NASA tour in Houston will see Historic Mission Control, where NASA monitored nine Gemini and all Apollo lunar missions. >>>

Wisconsin Faces Worker Shortage
A low unemployment rate and an aging population have employers in Wisconsin scrambling to fill positions. “We are right at the brink of the crisis... There just aren’t enough human beings in Wisconsin with baby boomers retiring.” >>>

Wind Power Wins Converts in Rural America
Wind supplied just over 6 percent of the country’s electricity last year, and the industry employed close to 102,000 people—nearly double the number working in >>>

Right Words Can Support Recovery From Injury
As the workers compensation industry moves away from immediate medical imaging and surgery, it’s encouraging those who talk to injured workers to choose words with the potential to improve outcomes for patients with back injuries. >>>

Morris Industries Expands Ownership, Restructures Leadership
Ben Voss, an entrepreneur, long-time executive, grain farmer, and agricultural engineer, has succeeded Casey Davis as CEO. Voss joined the company as president in 2015. He will continue as both president and CEO. >>>

Member Companies Send Safety Message
​As they do virtually every year, member companies who manufacture rotary cutters and post hole diggers took part in farm safety events by delivering a safety message through a national magazine. >>>

ASABE Revises Standard
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has revised its adoption of ISO 5673-1:2005 for the general manufacturing and safety requirements for PTO drive shafts. >>>

Sentry Offers Class on Safety Management
Association partner Sentry Insurance invites members to a safety training opportunity at its headquarters in Wisconsin. Principles of Safety Management is Tuesday to Thursday, Oct. 17 to 19, at the company’s home office in Stevens Point, Wis. >>>

Benefit Review for Members
It is true of most of us that until we need something, we don’t know where we’ll go to get it. That is why executives so often tell us they didn’t know . . . >>>

Happy Anniversary, and Welcome
The companies celebrating membership anniversaries this month represent more than two centuries of participation in the Association. We thank them—and each of you—for your years of commitment and the wealth of industry knowledge you share. We also welcome a new member applicant. >>>

MarketPlace vs. Contact Session: Defining the Difference
Whether this will be your first convention or your 50th, it's good to review the definitions for the MarketPlace and Contact Session. They happen at the same time—next to one another. >>>

Worksaver Wins Spot in Top 50
A product from Worksaver, Inc. has been named one of the Contractor’s Top 50 New Products for 2017 by Equipment Today. >>>

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