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  • FALL 2014 ISSUE

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Spring Conference and Supplier Showcase

Schedule of Events 

 Date   Day  Start    End   Event   Location
4/06/14  SUN  8:00A 11:30A  Supplier Section Board of Gov Meeting Bowie C
4/06/14  SUN 11:30A  1:00P  Executive and Board of Governors Lunch Bowie C
4/06/14  SUN  1:00P  5:00P  Registration Desk Open Lone Star A Foyer
4/06/14  SUN  1:00P  3:00P  Service Corp. Board Meeting Goliad
4/06/14  SUN  3:00P  5:00P  Executive Committee Meeting Goliad
4/07/14  MON  7:00A  6:00P  Registration Desk Lone Star A Foyer
4/07/14  MON  8:00A 11:00A   Board of Directors Meeting Bowie BC
4/07/14    MON  10:00A  12:00P
 Special Track for Purchasing Agents
 "Lean Principles and Sustainability"
Bowie A
4/07/14  MON 11:30A  3:30P  Shopping Shuttle to North Star Mall  
4/07/14  MON 12:00P  5:00P  Golf Tournament Canyon Springs Golf Club
4/07/14  MON 12:00P  5:00P  Trap Shooting A Place To Shoot
4/07/14  MON  6:30P  9:00P  Welcome Party - Sponsored by
 Supplier Associate Section

Lone Star AB
4/08/14 TUE  7:30A  4:30P  Registration Desk Lone Star A Foyer
4/08/14  TUE  8:00A  9:00A  Dealer Relations Committee Travis AB
4/08/14  TUE  8:00A  9:00A  Marketing Section Meeting Goliad
4/08/14  TUE  8:00A  9:00A  Education Committee Travis C
4/08/14  TUE  8:30A  4:00P  Spouse Tour Depart from Reg. Desk
4/08/14  TUE  9:15A 10:15A   General Session  - Panel Discussion
 Risk Management for the Workplace
Lone Star AB
4/08/14  TUE 10:15A 10:30A  Coffee Break Lone Star A Foyer
4/08/14  TUE 10:30A 11:30A  Breakout Session - David James  Lone Star AB
4/08/14  TUE 11:45A 12:45P  Lunch Lone Star A Foyer
4/08/14  TUE  1:00P  2:00P  Tillage Council - Ron Heck Guest Speaker Lone Star AB
4/08/14  TUE  1:00P  2:00P
 Special Track for Purchasing Agents
 "Supplier Relationship Management"
Lone Star C
4/08/14  TUE  2:00P  2:30P  Supplier Associate Section Meeting  
Lone Star DEF
4/08/14  TUE  2:30P  5:00P  Supplier Showcase Lone Star DEF
4/08/14  TUE  3:30P  5:00P  Showcase Reception Lone Star DEF
4/09/14  WED  7:00A  1:30P  Registration Desk Lone Star A Foyer
4/09/14  WED  7:00A  8:15A  Walk/Run Event  
4/09/14  WED  9:00A 10:00A  General Session - Bill Wade
 Innovation - Only Creator of New Wealth
Lone Star AB
4/09/14  WED 10:00A 10:30A  Coffee Break Lone Star A Foyer
4/09/14  WED 10:30A 11:30A  Breakout Session - Greg Pellegrom
 Product Safety is Liability Prevention 
Lone Star C
4/09/14  WED 10:30A 11:30A   Breakout Session - Bill Wade
 Roadmaps for Multi-Generational Success
Lone Star AB
4/09/14  WED 11:30A 12:30P  Membership Committee Travis B
4/09/14  WED  1:00P  2:00P  International Relations Committee
 Speaker - Daniel Rodriguez 
Travis A
4/09/14  WED  1 :00P  2:00P  Session - BLM Group Travis CD
4/09/14  WED  2:00P  4:30P  Plant Tour - Alamo Group