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  • FALL 2014 ISSUE

Recent Membership Applicants

LMC Enterprises Roglis Marketing Services

December Member Anniversaries:

45 Years:

Schuler Mfg. & Equipment Co., Inc.

40 Years:

Demco The Daugherty Companies, Inc.

35 Years:

Western Farm Show

30 Years:

Rayne Plane

25 Years:

Orthman Manufacturing Inc.

15 Years:

Out World StudiosBridgeview Mfg., Inc. Kodiak Mfg., Inc.

10 Years:

U.S. Nameplate Company

5 Years:

Stanley Vidmar Muir Omni Graphics Dun-Lap Mfg.

Phone: 314.878.2304




Schedule of Events 

 Date   Day    Start   End   Event   Location
3/18/15  WED  8:00A 11:30A Supplier Section Board of Governors Meeting Sharon
3/18/15  WED  8:00A 11:30A Executive Committee Meeting Morehead
3/18/15  WED 11:30A  1:00P Executive & Board of Governors Luncheon Sharon
3/18/15  WED  1:00P  3:00P Service Corp. Board Meeting Moorehead
3/18/15  WED  1:00P  5:00P Registration Desk Open Stonewall Foyer
3/18/15  WED  2:30P  5:00P Plant Tours Depart from Reg Desk
3/19/15 THUR  7:00A   6:00P Registration Desk Open Stonewall Foyer
3/19/15 THUR  8:00A 11:00A Board of Directors Meeting Grand Ballroom B
3/19/15 THUR  8:00A 11:30A Purchasing Track - Core Contract Topics & issues for Buyers & Purchasing Agents  Grand Ballroom A
3/19/15 THUR 11:00A  5:00P Blowing Rock Shopping Shuttle Depart from Reg Desk
3/19/15 THUR  Noon  5:00P Golf Tournament  
3/19/15 THUR  Noon  5:00P Trap Shooting Gastonia Skeet & Trap
3/19/15 THUR  6:30P  9:00P Welcome Reception -
Sponsored by Supplier Associate Section
Grand Ballroom D
3/20/15  FRI  6:30A  4:30P Registration Desk Open Stonewall Foyer
3/20/15  FRI  6:30A  7:30A Walk/Run Event Depart from Reg Desk
3/20/15  FRI  8:00A 11:30A Purchasing Track - Inventory Control & Supply Chain Management Park
3/20/15  FRI  8:30A  9:30A International Relations Committee Harris
3/20/15  FRI  8:30A  9:30A Dealer Relations Committee Sharon
3/20/15  FRI  8:30A  9:30A Membership Committee Stonewall
3/20/15  FRI  8:30A  4:00P Spouse Tour Depart from Reg Desk
3/20/15  FRI  9:00A 10:00A Coffee Break Grand Ballroom Foyer
3/20/15  FRI  9:45A 10:45A General Session  - Social Media Grand Ballroom D
3/20/15  FRI 11:00A  Noon Tillage Council Grand Ballroom D
3/20/15  FRI 12:30P 1:45P Lunch with Speaker Providence Ballroom
3/20/15  FRI  2:00P  2:30P Supplier Associate Section Meeting w/Elections Grand Ballroom D
3/20/15  FRI  2:30P  5:00P Supplier Showcase Grand Ballroom ABC
3/20/15  FRI  3:30P  5:00P Showcase Reception Grand Ballroom ABC
3/21/15  SAT  7:00A  1:30P Registration Desk Open Stonewall Foyer
3/21/15  SAT  8:00A  9:00A Education Committee Kings 
3/21/15  SAT  8:00A  9:00A Post Hole Digger Council  Queens
3/21/15  SAT  8:00A  9:30A Coffee Break Stonewall Foyer
3/21/15  SAT  8:30A 10:30A Purchasing Track Morehead
3/21/15  SAT  8:30A  9:30A Marketing Section Sharon
3/21/15  SAT  9:30A 10:30A Breakout Session - OSHA in the                       Manufacturing World Grand Ballroom D
3/21/15  SAT  9:30A 10:00A Breakout Session - Paint Fabrication Harris
3/21/15  SAT 11:00P  Noon Convention Committee Moorehaed
3/21/15  SAT  Noon  5:00P NASCAR Hall of Fame Team Building Depart from Reg Desk