Guest Program

Spouse/Guest Registration Includes

  • Admittance and drink tickets to the Welcome Reception
  • Admittance and drink tickets to the Supplier Showcase & Reception
  • Optional tour, just for Guests (additional fee)
  • Attendance at any of our sessions

Below is a brief schedule of events for guests. While we have highlighted events that we believe will interest those who register as a Spouse/Guest, you are welcome to attend any of our sessions or meetings, as long as space permits.

Wednesday, March 25th

Registration desk – The registration desk opens at 7:00 am each day. In addition to picking up name badges, the registration desk is a great spot to meet other attendees, visit staff, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Welcome Party – The Welcome Party is from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, and is a great place to meet fellow attendees, catch up on old times and meet new colleagues. There is no formal program for this event, so feel free to stop in as your plans permit. Many guests will still be arriving, therefore travel casual attire is fine.

Thursday, March 26th

Spouse/Guest Tour – Guests have the option to sign up for a tour on Wednesday of Albuquerque Museum. See below for more information. (Additional fee)

Supplier Showcase & Reception – The Showcase is the highlight of the Supply Summit. Come walk through and visit many of our member companies. Showcase is from 2-4:30 pm, the reception opens at 3:15 pm.

Nightlife – This year’s crawl will be an evening of fun, festivities, and maybe a few spirits! The crawl begins at 8 pm. Details to come.

Thursday Guest Tour – Albuquerque Museum

Registration fee: $99

Begin your day with a walking tour of Old Town Albuquerque and the historic Plaza area. Old Town, the original center of Albuquerque was founded in 1706 and is the city’s cultural center, with numerous museums and more than 100 shops, galleries and restaurants. Old Town includes San Felipe de Neri church and many historic buildings that form an architectural record of this city’s unique past. 

Next, enjoy a delicious New Mexican lunch at a local favorite restaurant, followed by an afternoon exploring the Albuquerque Museum. New Mexico has long been a center for artistic production and creativity. Become immersed in the culture, art, and history of the Duke City and enjoy masterworks by artists including Georgia O’Keefe, Ernest Blumenschein, Raymond Jonson, Fritz Scholder, Luis Jimenez, Juane Quick-to See Smith, and Diego Romero. 

Albuquerque’s rich history will be on display in the Only in Albuquerque Exhibit. Admire hundreds of the city’s most beloved artifacts, including the display case from Fred Harvey’s Alvarado Curio Shop and the 8th Duke of Albuquerque’s Respotero. In addition, the museum’s sculpture garden includes 53 works of art by many of the most important sculptors of the American Southwest. Take a walk and enjoy one of Albuquerque’s 310 days of sunshine as you admire the art.

On special exhibit, is The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited. This comprehensive exhibition reveals how Henson and his team of builders, performers, and writers brought to life the enduringly popular worlds of The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and much more. The exhibition features a broad range of artifacts related to Henson’s unparalleled career, including more than 20 puppets, character sketches, storyboards, scripts, photographs, film and television clips, behind-the-scenes footage, iconic costumes, and interactive experiences that allow visitors to try their hand at puppeteering on camera and designing a puppet character.

Tour Registration List

  • Spouse/Guest List

     • Janet Danuser
     • Heather Burenga
     • Mary Jo Kloster
     • Paulette Burenga
     • Dana Kirby
     • Chrissy Westendorf
     • Teresa Jones
     • Janet Roglis
     • Debbie Schmidt
     • Louann Fisher
     • Lauren Link
     • Sierra Landoll
     • Lori Nichol
     • Tami Hacker
     • Micki Meenen
     • Connie Hellbusch
     • Abbi Hellbusch
     • Lisa Hellbusch
     • Suzanne Kimball
     • Vel Tye
     • Karen Oliver
     • Cindi McFarlane
     • Jade Gandrud
     • Tish Hildebrand
     • Donna Eipperle