Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at the Summit?

The Supply Summit & Showcase combines educational sessions, networking events, and a supplier product showcase. The summit is built around simplifying what manufacturers must do to assure their supplier network offers the most effective and affordable products and services. Manufacturers meet supplier partners and prospects to discuss their operational needs.

What are the opportunities for manufacturers to meet suppliers?

Supplier companies, in cooperation with the Association, host a series of casual gatherings, including golf, fishing, an exploration of night life, a morning walk/run, and a welcome reception and dinner. The Supplier Product Showcase, which also includes a reception, is an opportunity for manufacturers to see products and services. Of course, Summit attendees pass each other in the hallways between speaker sessions and during refreshment breaks. If you keep your head up, you will inevitably bump into someone from the industry who has a question, has an answer, or just has a moment to chat.

How will my business benefit from attending the Summit?

We asked some of our long-time attendees to answer that. Here are two responses.

On the Supplier Product Showcase, John Tye of Lubbock Fastener said this: “You walk by a table and look at something, and you say, ‘That’s the sort of thing we were looking for, but it needs to be like this. Can you make it like this?’ In most cases, the answer is ‘If you want to buy it, we can make it.’ ”

John Brown from Myers Spring offered this: “We’ve met a lot of decision-makers (at the Summit). We’ve grown our business from it. That’s why I keep supporting it and will, because Myers Spring has definitely grown, and it is a larger player in the ag market, just because of FEMA, without a doubt.”

What can I do to maximize my time during the convention?

Look at the registration list. It includes company names and attendees’ names. If you see someone you want to meet, get in touch with them in advance. Members can log in to the web site to get contact information for each company. Beyond that, introduce yourself to someone. This is a group of people who want to see this industry succeed. They come to learn, and they are equally pleased when they can be part of someone else learning.

Participate in the extra events. Work gets done on the informal events such as networking outings and night life event.

What’s the difference between the spring meeting and the fall meeting?

The spring meeting is designed to connect manufacturers to suppliers. The fall focuses on marketing farm equipment.

What does the registration price cover?

Registration gives you access to all the Association-hosted information sessions, the luncheon, the welcome reception, and showcase. Your room rate is separate but is discounted with your registration. If you have a spouse or guest participating in the Association-organized Spouse/Guest Program, this cost are additional. Please make sure to register your guest when you register.

Is the registration rate going to increase?

Yes. Before February 2, the fee is $439 for regular member executives. After February 2, it increases to $539. The full registration rate of $639 applies after February 26.

How do I pay for/reserve my room?

When you register for the Summit, we reserve your room. The hotel will charge you when you arrive. You will receive confirmation on your room reservation in a separate communication from the hotel.

I didn’t get my confirmation number. Can you help?

It may take as long as two weeks for the hotel to send a confirmation. You should receive it by email. Contact the office at (314) 878-2304 if you need help with your confirmation.

Can I change/cancel my registration or hotel dates?

Yes. Call us. We can accommodate changes to your registration until the convention begins. We will manage changes in hotel reservations until March 27. After that date, we will ask you to deal directly with the hotel on the room. Cancellations after February 1 and before March 3 are assessed a 30 percent handling fee. Unfortunately, after March 3, we are not able to refund your registration because we’ve already committed funds to the hotel.

What if I stay at a different hotel?

Attendees who do not stay at the convention hotel pay $100 more for registration. The Association keeps registration costs low by negotiating contracts that save money on meeting space related to room occupancies. Attendees who stay elsewhere are asked to pay more as their contribution to covering meeting costs. If the convention room block sells out, or if you live within driving distance and do not book a room, you are not assessed the higher registration fee.

Can I reserve a suite?

The hotel has a very limited number of suites, please call Tricia at (314) 878-2304 for more information.

What should I wear?

The attire is business casual. You will see some folks in jackets and ties, especially at the receptions. You’re just as likely to see someone in khakis.

Can I bring a spouse/guest to the convention?

Please do! Spouses and guests who register are invited to attend every part of the Summit, and the Association hosts a special outing just for them. See details here.

Rather than registering for the convention, can I attend a single session?

The convention is structured so all the pieces fit together as a whole. For that reason, registration is for the entire event. We do not offer a single-session rate.

Where do I go to get my name badge and other meeting information?

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association convention registration desk will be on the 2nd floor Balcony. Association staff will be at the desk to give you your name badge and answer any questions you might have throughout the convention. A convention booklet will be mailed to you prior to the event.