Guest Program

Spouse/Guest Registration Includes

  • Admittance to the Welcome Reception
  • Admittance to the Supplier Showcase & Reception
  • Optional tour, just for Guests (additional fee)
  • Attendance at any of our sessions

Below is a brief schedule of events for guests. While we have highlighted events that we believe will interest those who register as a Spouse/Guest, you are welcome to attend any of our sessions or meetings, as long as space permits.

Wednesday, April 3

Registration desk – The registration desk opens at 7:30 am on Wednesday and at 6:30 a.m on Thursday for the Walk/Run. In addition to picking up name badges, the registration desk is a great spot to meet other attendees, visit staff, and get answers to any questions you may have.

Welcome Party – The Welcome Party is from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, and is a great place to meet fellow attendees, catch up on old times and meet new colleagues. There is no formal program for this event, so feel free to stop in as your plans permit. Many guests will still be arriving, therefore travel casual attire is fine.

Thursday, April 4

Spouse/Guest Program– Guests have the option to sign up for a fun day with other spouses/guests. See below for more information. (Additional fee)

Supplier Showcase & Reception – The Showcase is the highlight of the Supply Summit. Come walk through and visit many of our member companies. Showcase is from 2-4:30 pm, the reception opens at 3:15 pm.

Thursday Guest Program

Registration fee: $150

Take a guided tour through P. Allen Smith’s three-story Greek Revival-style home and farm, Moss Mountain Farm. Smith is the author of six best-selling books, host and producer of one of PBS’s most successful and award-winning television shows, he runs a media enterprise focused on garden design and health, he is a speaker at many of the country’s important architectural and historic homes Guests will learn about P. Allen Smith’s authentic design approach that pays homage to the history of the farm.

Explore Arkansas’ beautiful countryside overlooking the Arkansas River while touring Allen’s Terrace Garden, the Hidden Rose Garden, Hydrangea Allée, and his one-acre Vegetable Garden.

Then,connect to the land as you sit down to a farm-to-table lunch featuring a seasonal recipe from P. Allen Smith’s book, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. For dessert, enjoy a slice of Allen’s famous buttermilk pecan pie with homemade whipped cream.

Last but certainly not least, the time at Moss Mountain Farm will conclude with a visit to Poultryville to meet the chickens and other animals. Learn about Allen’s effort to conserve America’s early poultry breeds and why he started the Heritage Poultry Conservancy. While you are there, say hi to your favorite farm animals from Allen’s television show—Trudy, Moose, Smudge & Squeak, just to name a few.

Tour Registration List

  • Spouse/Guest List

     • Paulette Burenga
     • Mara Daniel
     • Connie Hellbusch
     • Suzanne Kimball
     • Karen Oliver
     • April Silver
     • Pam Bayerl