Member Company Launches Program Supporting Innovation

Member company K·Coe Isom has announced a program intended to provide entrepreneurs with a more visible platform for their food and ag innovations. The Spark program utilizes the expertise of K·Coe Isom’s food and ag consultants to identify and promote clever innovations and young companies that have the proven potential to change and advance food and agriculture operations.
“The foundation for the Spark program was conceived from the amount of requests we were receiving from start-ups that were approaching us to partner with them to help bring their products or services to market,” says Kathleen Walton, partner and chairwoman of the board for K·Coe Isom. “By creating a program that can connect these innovative ideas and companies with our firm’s dynamic resources, clients, and industry leadership, our ultimate goal is to progressively transform America’s oldest and most important industry—a win-win for everyone.”
Companies who have a new, market-ready product or service can learn more and apply for the program at
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