New Pintle Hitching System Standard, Revised PTO Standard

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has approved a standard on pintle hitching system requirements for implements towed over the road.

Pintle systems offer advantages in situations in which the design limits of a ball hitch and drawbar may be exceeded, for example, in towing agricultural implements or bulk carrier equipment.

ANSI/ASABE S638, Pintle Hitch and Ring for Over the Road Towed Implements, establishes requirements for using a pintle hitching system to add connection flexibility with the use of pintle hooks and tow rings.

The society also has revised its standard for power take-off (PTO) on lawn and garden tractors. The standard now includes commercial turf equipment and compact utility tractors.

ASAE S431.4, 2000-RPM Front and Mid PTO for Lawn and Garden Ride-on Tractors and Commercial Turf Equipment, Mid PTO for Compact Utility Tractors, provides general specifications, including control, dimensions, speed, and direction of rotation for power take-off shafts and the mating attachment connector.

The specifications apply to front-mounted PTOs on lawn and garden ride-on tractors, commercial turf equipment, and lawn ride-on tractors, as well as to mid-mounted PTOs on lawn and garden ride-on tractors, commercial turf equipment, lawn ride-on tractors, and compact utility tractors.

ASABE members with standards access and those with site-license privileges can access the full-text of the pintle hitching system standard by electronic download in about a month. The PTO standard will be available in about two weeks. Find both Others can obtain copies for a fee by contacting ASABE headquarters at