Updates on ASABE Standards

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has completed the adoption of three recently published ISO standards for front-mounted agricultural equipment. The ISO adoptions are:

•    ANSI/ASABE AD8759-1:2018, Agricultural tractors—Front-mounted equipment—Part 1: Power take-off: Safety requirements and clearance zone around PTO;

•    ANSI/ASABE AD8759-3:2018, Agricultural tractors—Front-mounted equipment—Part 3: Power take-off: General specifications and location;

•    ANSI/ASABE AD8759-4:2018, Agricultural tractors—Front-mounted equipment—Part 4: Three-point linkage.

All three international documents were adopted with deviations, the most notable of which is found in the ISO 8759-1 adoption and establishes specifications for use of the PTO protective device (master shield) as a step.
Substantial content of these standards originally was based on the now withdrawn ASABE standards ASAE S203, Front and Rear Power Take-Off for Agricultural Tractors, and ASAE S217, Three-Point Free-Link Attachment for Hitching Implements to Agricultural Wheel Tractors.

In other standards news, ASABE revised the standard that establishes the safety requirements for tractor-mounted, boom-type post hole diggers.
The revision, ANSI/ASABE S619.1, Safety for Tractor-Mounted, Boom-Type Post Hole Diggers, contains updated normative references and clarifies guarding requirements for the drive shaft and connection points. The standard applies to boom-type post hole diggers designed and intended for digging vertical, cylindrical holes.

Consultant John Fisher calls attention to the recommendation that post hole digger manufacturers add the following or similar statement in their operator’s manuals to comply with the revised standard: When disconnecting the Post Hole Digger from the tractor, store the drive line so that the drive shaft guard cone does not carry the weight of the drive shaft.

The timeline for implementation of this standard is within one year of publication date.

Finally, the ballot closes Sept. 12 on ANSI/ASABE X583.2, Safety for Agricultural Front Loaders. Revisions being considered are to add definition to quick attach loader and bring consistency to the use of “attachment” and “allowable attachment.” Fisher asks that you submit comments to him by Sept. 30. Contact him at lajrfisher@gmail.com or (830) 305-3019.

ASABE members with standards access and those with site-license privileges can access standards information via electronic download on the ASABE online Technical Library at elibrary.asabe.org. Others can obtain a copy for a fee directly from the library or by contacting ASABE headquarters at OrderStandard@asabe.org.

Association member companies that are not members of ASABE are entitled to a free thumb drive that contains standards information as a benefit of membership. Call the Association at (314) 878-2304.