Weird News: Employees Tap Into FMLA and Set Sail

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act often leads to questions: What counts and what doesn’t? How can we make sure we are in compliance? Does it cover cruises?

Wait, what?

Four 911 operators with the Office of Emergency Management for the city of Chicago were caught using their federally mandated sick days to vacation on a Carnival cruise ship in the Caribbean.

“You look, and you have a cluster of employees who are taking FMLA at exactly the same time (that) this cruise is being conducted. That makes you say, ‘What is this about?’” Inspector General Joseph Ferguson told Fox 32 in Chicago.

Investigators checked spending and found that the employees went horseback riding, used jet skis, and joined in a booze cruise while on vacation.

One employee submitted a doctor’s note to justify the days off, but the doctor told investigators he did not know his patient was going on a cruise.

Three employees were fired in February, and a fourth resigned, according to the news report.

Source: Fox 32