• Engage in the Association, Influence the Industry

    What do we do? How do we prepare for the future? When will this hyper demand for our products slow down? I wish I could answer your questions, but it would be purely speculative. I do know one thing: You can help yourself by getting involved in the Association.

  • Add ‘Influencers’ to Your Marketing Strategy, Here’s How

    Our members are innovators, boundary-pushers and problem-solvers. Many of you are of course savvy marketers as well, but in this fast-moving digital age, we can all use a little help from a pro. Tim Marks, who hosts Tractor Time with Tim—the largest YouTube channel dedicated to compact tractors and attachments—offers us these thoughts.

  • Member Focus: Family Affair

    “ Working together as a family is an experience unlike any other. This is full transparency. We trust one another and take risks together. It helps us develop products more quickly because we are so honest with one another.” — Kat Coombes

  • Use Caution with Independent Sales Representatives

    Though this may be a convenient way to sell products, sales rep relationships can create legal risks. In particular, the classification as a contractor (rather than employee) may come into question, whether by the sales rep or a government agency, such as the state unemployment office.

  • Do Not Compromise Long-Term Strategy for Short-Term Success

    The list of challenges facing Association members is long: inflation, supply chain, and labor, to name a few. It is understandable that circumstances like these could lead you to operate in survival mode and abandon the long-term goals upon which your business is built.

  • Three Skills New Managers Need to Succeed

    Making the leap from individual contributor to manager can be fraught: for the new manager, their direct reports, and the organization as a whole. New managers tend to rise into their position based on past success. But few have the experience or training to effectively manage a high-performing team.

  • Need Funding to Build Workforce, Conserve Resources?

    Members of this Association have an opportunity to secure grant funding. Let’s discuss the specifics, including what a grant is, what activities qualify for funding, what funding is out there, and who is eligible.

  • EDA Chief Defines Four Challenges Facing Dealers

    Dealers will continue to face challenges this year. I would suggest the following four challenges to be of primary concern for equipment dealers in 2022. Those dealers that can navigate these challenges should find another profitable year in 2022.