Spring Manufacturer Increases Spring Life in Post Driver Line of Products

Worksaver challenged its engineering team with the task of finding a post driver spring that provided improved service life with reduced maintenance time when spring replacement is required. After trying spring designs from other companies without any improvement in service life, Worksaver contacted Myers Spring for help in designing a new post driver spring.

Worksaver, Inc. manufactures agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction equipment for a variety of applications for property owners, farmers, ranchers, contractors and many others. The company acquired its post driver product line in 1990 and has made many improvements since that time. But one of the problems of any post driver of this type, not just the Worksaver line, is spring life.

Vibration is the biggest issue. As the post driver comes down, it hits the post and there’s a shock that goes through the driver and through the springs. The continual up and down motion also causes a lot of abuse, and with all of that the springs wear and eventually become fatigued.

Installing a new spring is also time-consuming, taking up to three or four hours because the post driver needs to be dismantled before a new spring can be installed.

Worksaver tried many different designs to try to cushion the springs, all without much success. Worksaver had worked with Myers Spring before when the company ran into a delivery problem with another supplier. Worksaver later talked with Myers Spring at a supplier exhibition where the problem about the post driver springs was first brought up between the two companies. After discussing the specifics of the problem and the desired solution, Myers Spring mentioned a similar problem in the racing industry when springs failed due to fatigue and the solution that was used in that situation. Worksaver decided to try something similar for its post drivers. “It was their concept,” Todd Miller, Myers Spring President, said. “They knew what the problem was, we knew how to fix it. We knew how to accomplish their goal and I think that’s what good relationships do.”

Myers Spring designed and built prototype springs for Worksaver to test. Tom Burenga said Worksaver worked with a customer in Iowa, who does commercial fences and owns three post drivers, to field test the springs. A pair of the Myers prototype springs was sent to him to see how long they lasted. “So we took those prototype springs and sent them over there and we didn’t hear from the guy,” Burenga said. “Quite some time went by and finally we called him. And we said we haven’t heard from you, how did those springs perform? He said, ‘Oh, they’re still going. They haven’t failed. They’ve outlasted the other springs at least 3 to 1 and they’re still good.’ So we ran some tests ourselves, with similar results, and then changed our springs over to this new design.”

Worksaver also developed the QuickChange system connected with the new spring design, allowing for a faster spring change when they do fatigue. Where previous spring changes would take three to four hours, the QuickChange design reduces it to about 20 minutes and the post driver can stay on the tractor. “Myers Spring was very instrumental in helping us solve what has been a service issue in post drivers for many years,” said Burenga. Myers Spring was able to give Worksaver the solution it was looking for based on its experience and knowledge. And with that new spring solution, Worksaver’s new QuickChange post drivers offer a competitive advantage for the company.

Myers Spring also helped advise and suggest a spring for a new Sweep Action Rock Grapple for Worksaver. It is a new two-piece grapple clamp with a front piece that will swing out and is spring-loaded. The original springs that Worksaver tested, stretched and failed after a few hours. Worksaver contacted Myers Spring again and received several sample springs to try, also without much success. Tom’s son, Tim Burenga, then designed the parts needed to use a compression spring and Worksaver talked with Myers Spring to find the right spring strength. The company offered sample springs again. “We tried them out and they worked beautifully,” said Tom Burenga. “So here again they helped us out, helping us solve a problem. And that’s another brand new product that we’re able to market, thanks to the help and advice of Myers Spring.”

Myers Spring helped Worksaver find the best solution to improve the quality of its post driver springs, not only with designing a new spring, but in providing information. While working on the spring, Burenga mentioned he was going to plate some fittings that were capturing the end of the spring, but Myers Spring cautioned against it because some platings react with the springs and shorten the spring life. Myers Spring shared its expertise with Worksaver, calculating and suggesting the spring force needed to meet the application, including that of its rock grapple. “The people at Myers Spring are very interested in finding out how they can help you and they sure do it,” explained Burenga. “We consider them a very valued supplier and we’re looking for a long relationship with them.

Myers Spring Company produces quality, fine wire precision springs with wire diameters ranging from 0.006” to 0.719”. These springs are produced from a range of materials and are integral components for a variety of products, including high tech–precision instruments, military applications, industrial, automotive, agricultural equipment, appliances, toys and many other consumer products.

For more information, contact Myers Spring Company, 720 Water Street, Logansport, IN 46947. Telephone: 574-753-5105, Fax: 574-722-5902. Website: www.myersspring.com, E-mail: info@myersspring.com.