Communications Committee

Committee Members

Chair Marc Adams – 2018-20

Kat Coombes – 2018-21
Tillage Management, Inc.

Dave Langager – 2019-21
Hy-Tek Hose & Coupling

Darren Foster – 2018-21
Lessiter Media

Cindy Feldman – 2019-20
Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association

John Brown – 2019-20
Myers Spring Co. Inc.


Convention Committee

Committee Members

Chair Matt Westendorf – 2019-20
Westendorf Manufacturing

David Hellbusch – 2018-20
Duo Lift Manufacturing Co.

Arlon Rahn – 2018-20
A & R Marketing

Joe Sampson – 2018-20
Osmundson Mfg. Co.

Scott Moss – 2018-21
Comer Industries

Ron Roglis – 2018-19
Roglis Marketing Services


Dealer Relations Committee

Committee Members

Chair Ben Hellbusch – 2018-21
Duo Lift Manufacturing Co.

Craig Harthoorn – 2018-19
H & S Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Glen Danuser – 2018-21
Danuser Machine Company

Tom Taylor 2018-19


Education Committee

Committee Members

Chair Randy Reinke – 2018-19
Custom Products of Litchfield

Tim Burenga – 2018-19
Worksaver Inc.

Ben Hellbusch – 2018-19
Duo Lift Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Stan McFarlane – 2018-20
McFarlane Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Brad Baker – 2018-19
Salford Group Inc.

Julie Chamberland – 2018-19
Bellota USA

Mark Lamboley – 2018-20
HCC, Inc.


International Trade Committee

Committee Members

Chair Ric Kirby – 2018-21
Kirby Manufacturing Inc.

Jan Faassen – 2018-21
Walterschield Powertrain Group

Jeff Daniel – 2018-21
Yetter Manufacturing

Sandra Willer – 2018-20
Agritechnica – DLG Service GmbH


Investment Committee

Committee Members

Chair Paul Jeffrey
Treasurer 2018-19
MacDon Industries Ltd.

Marc McConnell 2018-20
Art’s Way Manufacturing

Andrew Cummings 2019-21
T.G. Schmeiser Company, Inc.


Membership Committee

Committee Members

Chair – Craig Harthoorn – 2018-21
H & S Manufacturing Co., Inc.

John Brown – 2018-19
Myers Spring

Jake Davis – 2018-20
BTM Manufacturing

Phil Landoll – 2018-21
Landoll Corporation

Ron Roglis – 2018-20
Roglis Marketing

Alan Stenem – 2018-20
Lessiter Media

Shane Beversdorf – 2018-20
Sentry Insurance

Dave Burger – 2018-19
K Coe Isom

Cindy Feldman – 2018-19
Iowa-Nebraska Equip Dealers Assn

Mark Lamboley – 2018-21
HCC, Inc.

Pat Meenen – 2018-21
Concept Sales, Inc.


Nominating Committee for Directors

Committee Members

Chair Ric Kirby – 2020-2021
Kirby Manufacturing Inc.


Safety Standards Committee

Committee Members

Chair John Fisher
Alamo Group Agricultural Division

The Safety Standards Committee provides a focal point for leaders of all existing Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Product Councils to discuss topics of common interest and share a common voice in promoting issues that affect the agricultural equipment industry. This Committee meets twice each year, at the Association’s Marketing & Distribution Convention and at the Supply Summit & Showcase. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

Staff from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) will attend the meetings to answer your questions and provide updates. 

* “Permission is granted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to electronically reproduce draft International Standards for purpose of review and comment related to the preparation of the U.S. position, provided this notice is included. All other rights are reserved.”