Twin Spring Coupling releases its new TSC150, a hybrid flexible coupling unit that replaces all universal joints in headers, PTO and implements

Pearl River New York – Twin Spring Coupling announced today the release of its 3rd product line the TSC150.

Twin Spring Couplings patented design allows the coupling to do the job of two different coupling technologies in the one, as well as offering a truly maintenance free product as it contains no bearings.

The Twin Spring Coupling TSC150 can handle high speed/low misalignment, it can also run at lower speeds and higher misalignment like the industry standard universal joint, which requires constant maintenance (greasing and worn bearing replacement).

Adding to that, Twin Spring Coupling’s one-piece design also means no broken yokes which is another area of product failure with universal joints.

This coupling adds to our current range of couplings, this coupling is more for use in steering applications and small uni joint replacements. The 300 and 500 version is more inline with the implement and PTO usage and replacement of universal joints in headers etc.

The Twin Spring Coupling is torque rated to 150 ft lbs of torque and can run at speeds of up to 3500 RPM at low degrees of misalignment.

The Twin Spring Coupling TSC150 retails for $175. Available from your current coupling’s distributor or dealer.

Contact Darren Finch CEO/Founder for more information and any questions about the TSC150, TSC300 or TSC500 ranges.