Check Your Inbox: Benchmark Survey On the Way

In our overcrowded inboxes and time-starved days, we make choices about which emails we open.
The Association learned during the Supply Summit last week that many members chose not to open an email that in fact they wish they had. The problem was the subject line. This week, Industry Insights will send a second email to representatives from manufacturing member companies who have not yet responded to an invitation to take the 2019 Business Profile & Financial Performance Survey.
The email should have arrived by now from Matt Chaffin at Industry Insights. His email address is The subject line will be “Deadline approaching to participate in FEMA benchmark survey.”
The Association has intentionally put distance between itself and the third-party firm conducting the survey to assure confidentiality. That means staff does not see communications between the firm and members.
Please, take the survey. It is a benefit of membership that helps you:
Monitor and manage expenses.
Measure and improve productivity.
Protect your bottom line.
Evaluate employee effectiveness.