China Buys Canadian Wheat During Canola Feud

As the very public China-Canada canola spat drags on, buyers from the Asian nation have been quietly purchasing other Canadian farm products.
Canola-seed shipments have slumped 22 percent this year. Imports dropped off after China claimed it found pests in shipments and revoked licenses of Canadian exporters.
Meanwhile, trade remained robust on other fronts. Canada shipped 1.9 million metric tons of wheat to China in the crop year through June, up 92 percent from a year earlier, Canadian Grain Commission data show. Canola oil and meal also have been flowing into Chinese ports, albeit at slightly lower volumes.
China also halted Canadian imports this year when in June it found a forged inspection document on a pork shipment. The ban is still in effect, although talks are underway to restore the shipments.
Source: Bloomberg