Comments Close on Biofuels Rule, NCGA Persists

The comment period closed last week on the EPA’s supplemental proposed rule for the 2020 biofuels blending mandate. More than 1,900 corn farmers submitted comments to the EPA, as did the National Corn Growers Association.

“EPA’s proposal does not ensure sufficiently accurate projections for waived
gallons and, therefore, will continue to shortchange the RFS when waivers are granted,” NCGA President Kevin Ross wrote.

The conclusion of the comments period kicks off a review that is expected to result in a final rule this winter, the EPA said. The proposed rule would use a three-year average of Department of Energy (DOE) recommended waivers rather than address the impact of waived renewable fuel gallons based on exemptions granted, NCGA said. By using DOE recommendations,
not actual waived gallons, EPA’s proposal to redistribute any future waived
gallons is half of what President Trump committed to farm-state senators.

Former Iowa governor and current ambassador to China Terry Branstad
met with Trump recently to lay out the industry’s concerns. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has also been consulted.

Sources: NCGA, Politico