Five Reasons You Cannot Miss Fall Convention

The 2021 Marketing & Distribution Convention is Nov. 2 to 4.
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We understand. Your operations are moving at a break-neck pace. You have back-orders. The COVID climate remains uncertain. You need more workers.

We argue, however, that those problems may be the reasons you need to step away from the plant and attend the Marketing & Distribution Convention in Oklahoma City.

We offer these five reasons you cannot miss it.

1) It saves time.

Where else can you meet with distributors and suppliers from all over North America, in one place, in the span of a few days? This includes introducing your products to prospective partners and talking sales numbers and product lines with existing partners. It might even include filling a critical hole in your supply chain. That would be a win.

2) The potential is unparalleled.

We hear it every year. Someone mentions a problem on their production line, and someone else has had the same problem and solved it. Someone mentions a trusted supplier is sunsetting their business, and someone else recommends an alternative source. Partnerships are formed. Dollars saved. Ideas shared. Trust us, or ask other members. Good things happen when we get together.

3) Beyond your peers, you get answers from speakers.

Speakers in Oklahoma City are going to offer thoughts relevant to this moment in the industry. You will pick up tips on finding labor and exploring affordable technological alternatives to labor. You will get suggestions on how to maintain operational excellence principles in this unpredictable, even unstable, industry environment. And, while we have not yet zipped up the details, we hope to bring you an expert on the tumultuous steel market. That is only a glimpse of what is in store from speakers.

4) There is value in stepping away from the plant.

Folks who attend these meetings clear their heads, and it is a good bet that you are due for a break-and-reset right about now. This is an opportunity to zoom out and view the whole industry picture. That inevitably drives creative problem-solving and fresh ideas. If we stare at the same equation for too long, we stop seeing the numbers.

5) This madness is going to end.

The convention is designed to make contacts, especially with the folks who will get your equipment onto dealers’ lots. Establishing relationships with marketers may not feel urgent, but cultivating those relationships when it is urgent is never easy. Our gathering in Kansas City was a smaller Summit than usual. It has been too long since we have been together in force. Now is the time to reconnect, perhaps to commiserate, perhaps to find a new marketing or supplier partner, or perhaps to solve a problem.

Please join us.