USDA Sends Hurricane Aid to Southern Farmers

The USDA is providing up to $800 million in block grants to states hit by Hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018. A spokesperson said $381 million will go to Florida, $337 million to Georgia and $25 million to Alabama.

The block grants are part of a $3 billion fund to help farmers and ranchers recover from the storms and other natural disasters over the last two years, which is part of a broader disaster aid package that Congress passed in June. The money is also intended to help producers affected by wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, blizzards and other severe weather.

This round of grant funding will cover the loss of timber, cattle and poultry, as well as costs related to horticulture crop damage and pecan value losses.
The disaster aid comes on top of standard farm safety net programs like federal crop insurance, which triggered nearly $490 million in indemnities last year for Southeastern producers affected by the hurricanes.

Midwestern farmers have received nearly $4 billion this year because of historic flooding, which left some 20 million acres unplantable, setting a modern record, USDA said.

Source: Politico