Ag Expo: ‘Farmers Haven’t Stopped, Neither Will We’

Organizers of the World Ag Expo have announced plans for the 2021 online show, which is Feb. 9-11.

“A digital show is not a replacement for a live event like World Ag Expo,” said Jerry Sinift, International Agri-Center CEO. “But the ag industry has never stopped working, and neither will we.”

World Ag Expo will work with Map Your Show, which has executed more than 120 digital trade shows since March.

The event in February will kick off a year-long approach.

“Instead of just a one-week show, we will be supporting our exhibitors and the online site throughout 2021,” said marketing manager Jennifer Fawkes. “Each exhibitor has a micro-site within the show to share information and hold live chats, along with many other options.”

Attendees can access the content around the clock and participate in live sessions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time on show dates.

The exhibitor guide will continue during this virtual year. Past attendees will receive one by mail. Others can pick up a guide at New Holland dealerships.

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