ASABE Shares Updates on Standards

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers shares this information with Association members on the status of standards relevant to the industry.

Revised Standards

ASAE S575.3 MAY2020, Farm and Agricultural Injury Classification (FAIC) Code. The revision adds annexes.

ANSI/ASAE S583.2 MAY2020, Safety for Agricultural Front End Loaders. The revision:

  • Updates references;
  • Better defines quick-attach loader;
  • Includes track tractors with loaders in the scope;
  • Provides a more explicit test procedure for loader stability when detached from the tractor; and
  • Clarifies a section related to control, function, and operator information.

Projects Near Completion

The work on these standards includes updating standard references and correcting, clarifying and refining wording, acronyms, and abbreviations.

  • X207.14, Operating Requirements for Tractors and Power Take-Off Driven Implements.
  • X331.7 Implement Power Take-Off Drive Shaft Specifications.

New Projects

X377WD, Withdrawal of ANSI/ASAE S377 DEC1974 (R2015) Application of Remote Linear Control Devices to Lawn and Garden Ride-On Tractor Attachments and Implements. ASABE has learned from multiple OEMs that the standard is no longer used, because current implements and attachments are custom-made for each application rather than using standard components.

X604.3, Implement Power Take-Off Drive Shaft Specifications. The new project will update references, bibliography and move requirement for displaying PTO speed and direction of rotation from a sign defined in ASABE AD11684 to an information sign.

X658, Test methods of Metered Seed Systems for Precision Single Seed Drill Performance. ASABE is developing a test standard that uses modern testing techniques to evaluate the accuracy and monitoring systems and row unit’s seed placement of a precision air seeder or planter.

Members of this Association who are not also members of ASABE can receive at no cost the compilation of industry standards produced by ASABE—a $650 value. Contact Rachel Boehm at (314) 878-2304 or