Hardi, Equipment Technologies to Consolidate

Hardi North America and Equipment Technologies (ET) have agreed that, in coming months, Hardi’s manufacturing operations will be consolidated with ET’s Apache AS and HS brands at ET’s manufacturing operations in Mooresville, Ind.

The joint effort will be led by long time ET veteran Adam Kivett.

“The team in Mooresville is confident and excited to bring an additional sprayer to our manufacturing line-up,” Kivett said.

In addition to manufacturing efficiencies, the two companies will begin to realize sales synergies that many have anticipated since the 2016 purchase of ET by Exel Industries. Exel, which is based on France, owns several global sprayer brands. It bought Hardi in 2007.

The cooperation will allow both companies to add to their distribution networks and increase purchase points for their products.

“I think our industry, in general, could benefit from more cooperation among the major players which would strengthen more companies and provide more selection and better service for our farmers,” said Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies. “In the case of ET and Hardi N.A., it’s a no brainer. We’re both part of Exel and we have complementary products and distribution networks. We are excited to get started.”