Hutson Acquires Sell’s Equipment

Hutson Inc., a multi-state John Deere dealership is pleased to announce another Michigan acquisition, Sell’s Equipment located in Woodhaven, Mich. This dealership is in the southeastern part of the state, 15 miles south of Detroit.

Sell’s Equipment started as a mechanic shop servicing the nation’s Ford Model T boom of the twenties in 1923. They survived the depression just in time to begin selling Ford tractors in 1940. By December 1941 manufacturers shifted focus to production for the war, but through ingenuity and dedication to the community, Sell’s equipment was ready for the agricultural and construction boom that followed the war.

Hutson is committed to leveraging our economies of scale that’s supported by 31 locations spread across Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Michigan to ensure we create the ultimate value proposition for our customers.