EDA, Others, Unite Against Right-to-Repair

The Equipment Dealers Association has announced a “new tool in its arsenal” to fight right-to-repair legislation. It is a coalition of more than 30 organizations working to “thwart efforts to undermine federal law and proliferate illegal tampering.”

The announcement from EDA says the Coalition Opposed to Illegal Tampering will argue against “vague and overly broad right-to-repair bills across the United States and Canada.”

“We are pleased to lead this next step in advocacy for our industry,” said Kim Rominger, president and CEO of EDA. “This is the largest coalition that we are aware of on this issue and it will require the attention of legislators moving forward.”

Natalie Higgins, EDA’s vice president of government relations, said EDA has “worked in lockstep with our industry partners at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Associated Equipment Distributors, the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association and our regional dealer association partners ..” in response to “an onslaught of so-called right-to-repair bills filed in some 23 states.”

Source: EDA