“Makers for American Manufacturing”

For the second consecutive year, Chief Executive has selected a handful of people who are really successful, whose companies represent robust trends in the U.S. manufacturing economy, or who are reshaping their industries or manufacturing as a whole. https://chiefexecutive.net/meet-americas-makers-25-manufacturing-ceos-thriving-in-the-u-s/

Here’s one of the 25 manufacturers selected – a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association 1989.

Tom Shorma / CEO, WCCO Belting, Wahpeton, ND

Innovation—even in an unglamorous industry—is how Shorma has kept this 65-year-old family manufacturing business growing in diverse markets for its rubber-based products.

“Everything we do in our plant is unique, and literally no one else in the world can do what we do,” he says.

Plus, WCCO Belting braves export markets with a sales team that can speak 14 different languages. Trump’s tariffs have been a hindrance, but the company now ships to more than 20 countries. “We’re based in a very small, rural town about as far away as you can be from ocean ports and still be in the U.S.,” Shorma says. “But we embrace global trade and innovation.”