News from ASABE

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) last week released news about a new international standard related to towing and towed vehicles, as well as the initiation of a standard on metered seed systems in precision ag.

The international community has approved ISO 22471:2020, Permissible mechanical connection combinations between towed and towing agricultural vehicles.

The standard was developed and based on content originally developed within ASABE. Recommended mechanical connection combinations are laid out in a table, which lines up towing-vehicle connections with corresponding permissible connections for the vehicle to be towed.

ASABE intends to adopt the document as a national standard. Currently the document can be purchased directly through standards resellers, which includes ANSI.

In other news, ASABE has initiated a standard project titled “Test Methods of Metered Seed Systems for Precision Single Seed Drill Performance.”

As precision planters and air seeders continue to develop in the areas of seed delivery technology, the need for more advanced and repeatable test methods increases. The standard will use modern testing techniques to evaluate the delivery and monitoring systems for accuracy.

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