Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales Acquires Earth Power Tractors

Earth Power’s Owen Sound and Meaford locations will switch to Robert’s July 1st 2022.

Chesley, ON—Friday May 20,2022—Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales Inc. will acquire the Owen Sound and Meaford locations of Earth Power Tractors and Equipment in a deal set to finalize June 30th, 2022. The Stayner location of Earth Power is not part of the acquisition.

“There was an opportunity for us to work with Earth Power and keep that business thriving. Our thought was, if we can continue to develop the Kubota brand in Grey and Bruce counties, then we should,” said Brian Osterndorff, President of Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales Inc.

“Leaving a legacy of a very successful Kubota One dealership was important to us. That’s a big reason why we selected Robert’s Farm Equipment; they’re family owned and operated, in addition to already being a Kubota dealer. So, the fit is very natural,” said Cindy Barton, Earth Power spokesperson and daughter of the late Jim Kelly, who owned and operated Earth Power since 1998.

All Earth Power employees have been guaranteed gainful employment with Robert’s Farm Equipment, and the locations will remain as they are, apart from a new name and branding come July. New and existing customers can expect the same high level of service and support, but with a wider range of product offerings and available resources. 

“We’re excited to offer the customer base the same level of service and support they were used to receiving from Earth Power, with the added bonus of more short line products and other products not previously available,” said Osterndorff.

“It’s bittersweet, but I also feel we’re selling to a business that has the same philosophy around serving customers and treating employees well. I feel we’re in the right position to sell, and have made the best decision in selecting Robert’s Farm Equipment,” said Barton.

Source: Company Release