Trade with China: Leaders Stay Focused on Phase One

Chief U.S. ag trade negotiator Gregg Doud says, right now, there’s no way to know if the coronavirus will impact China’s ability to fulfill its purchase commitments under the phase one agreement.

“That’s the obvious question—and the obvious answer is there’s no way to know what the impact of this is, at this time,” Doud said. Despite the turmoil, implementation of the phase one agreement is on schedule, he said.

“At USDA and USTR, we’re talking to our Chinese counterparts every day, by phone or by email—and so far, everything is going very well,” Doud said. “Obviously, this is not the best of circumstances but, so far, everybody is doing everything they can to implement the agreement.”

Doud says China has not asked for a reprieve from their purchase commitments.

Source: Brownfield Ag News