ASABE, CSA Collaborate on Standard for Front Loader

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and the CSA Group (formerly Canadian Standards Association) have initiated a project to revise ASAE S583.1, Safety for Agricultural Front End Loaders and CSA M682, Agricultural front-end loaders—Safety requirements.

ASAE S583.1 specifies safety requirements for the design and construction of agricultural front-end loaders designed to be mounted on standard agricultural wheeled tractors. The purpose of the revision is to update the normative references, add a definition for a quick-attach loader, and make the usage of attachment and allowable attachment consistent throughout the document. The updates will also improve understanding of other test and performance requirements.

The project will harmonize the ASABE and CSA versions of their respective agricultural front loader safety standards.

The general content of S583.1 was initially developed as CSA M682-04 and adopted in 2005 by ASABE to provide a reasonable degree of personal safety for operators and other persons during normal operation and servicing of front loaders on agricultural tractors.

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