Bayer Agrees to Pay $2 Million in Roundup Cases

Bayer has agreed to pay up to $2 billion as part of a settlement agreement for current and future Roundup cases that claim the herbicide causes cancer.

The company released its agreement with plaintiffs’ class counsel last week. It is being filed in a U.S. District Court in California that is overseeing the multi-district litigation.

As part of the plan, Bayer will establish a fund to compensate qualified claimants during a four-year program, create an advisory science panel whose findings could be used in future litigation, and a notice program.

Bayer is also requesting EPA allow a link to glyphosate research studies on labels to provide customers with greater transparency.

The company said the announcement has no impact on the availability of Roundup, an important tool for growers around the world.

Last June the company announced it would pay more than $10 billion to settle most of its court cases involving Roundup.

The agreement must be approved by the court.

Source: Brownfield Ag News