Canadian Agri-Food Network Receives $49.5M from Government

The Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN), a $108.5 million project aimed at developing exportable farming solutions, has received an investment of up to $49.5 million from the federal government.

The project is led by Alberta Innovates and the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, along with Alberta’s Olds College and Lakeland College.t is expected to begin with eight partners from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec, and will focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and precision agriculture.

The project seeks to reduce reliance on temporary labor, increase global competitiveness, and improve profitability for Canadian farmers.

“Automation and digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the face of the agriculture and agri-food sector,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food. “With this investment, we are helping the sector gain the competitive edge it needs to continue to thrive at home and in global markets.”

CAAIN hopes to bring together the private sector, academia, and research institutions to accelerate automation and digitization in Canada’s agricultural sector.