Climate Change Proposals Fostering Anti-Farm Sentiment

A fourth-generation dairy farmer tell Fox News she fears possible climate initiatives could threaten independent farmers and their ability to provide for the U.S. food supply.

Several nations have imposed regulations on the agriculture industry, such as limits on nitrogen emissions, which have sparked backlash from farmers in those countries. The Biden administration, too, has indicated that it aims to push changes on the industry to tackle climate change.

“Americans are feeding into this lie that climate change is because of agriculture and climate change is not going to get better until farmers and ranchers do better,” Stephanie Nash, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, told Fox News.

In 2020 the EPA estimated that 11% of the U.S.’s total greenhouse gas emissions came from the agriculture sector, compared to 27% from transportation, 25% from energy, and 24% from industry.

Nash fears the effort to implement green policies across the globe will continue to kill off an already struggling farming industry that’s faced with skyrocketing costs for labor, fuel, seed and fertilizer. She said institutions like the World Economic Forum are “scaring us” with its prediction that by 2050 the global population will demand 70% more food than is consumed today and advocates for an overhaul of food production to meet that supply.

The Dutch government announced its plan to reduce nitrogen emissions by 50% in June, causing a major backlash among the nation’s farmers. To meet its goal, the plan requires a 30% reduction in the number of Dutch livestock, whose manure produces nitrogen oxide, forcing many farms out of business.

Nash fears the next Farm Bill will be used to give the EPA more access to and control over independent farmers.