Dealer Foundation Launches Workforce Campaign

The Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF), the philanthropic arm of the Equipment Dealers Association, launched a national campaign this year to raise awareness about career opportunities for service technicians in agriculture.

The campaign—Technicians for Tomorrow—seeks to familiarize parents and educators of middle and early high school students with the benefits of a career as an equipment service technician and inspire their children and students to explore these careers by focusing their skills at an early age.

The campaign features videos and a suite of other materials to be used across social media platforms and more traditional media channels. Dealers can customize the content and use the campaign to bolster recruitment efforts in their own communities.

The effort geographically targets communities with farm equipment dealerships.

The videos feature interviews with professionals in service departments and dealership management, breaking down perceptions of what the job is and what it entails.

“EDF wanted viewers to relate to the people in the video, envision themselves in their roles and feel that the profession could provide them with a well-paying and rewarding opportunity,” the group said.

The campaign also seeks to emphasize that “a career as a service technician is incredibly rewarding: not only is the job itself challenging and engaging, but it is also highly valued by the farmers who rely upon their services. In this way, service technicians are respected and appreciated in their communities more than ever before.”

The Foundation intends to continue its campaign for the next five years by following students as they complete high school and enter the workforce.