Fisher Joins Association as Consultant

Safety and standards guru John Fisher has joined the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association as a consultant focused on safety standards affecting the shortline industry.

Fisher, vice president of technical affairs for Alamo Group, retires Friday, but this does not mean the end of his 42-year career advocating for product safety and accident prevention. He will continue to advocate as an independent consultant and commit a portion of his time to this Association.

“John has long been a tremendous asset to our Association,” said Executive Vice President Vernon Schmidt. “I know of no one else who brings his expertise and his passion for crafting standards that keep farmers and ranchers safe and minimize the risk of liability when accidents happen. He will be an outstanding resource and advocate for our members.”

At Alamo Group, Fisher has directed senior management regarding the organization’s safety culture, proactive safety training, status of product liability, employee safety injury investigations, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

His contributions, however, have extended far beyond the company. He has contributed to the revision of nine ASABE standards related to ergonomics, safety, and health in the machinery systems technical communities. The society recently celebrated Fisher’s contributions with a Standards Council Leadership Citation.

Expect to see Fisher at the Association’s annual meetings, and know that in the interim, he’ll be attending other gatherings to stay on top of industry standard developments and influence their outcomes. He will stay in touch with members through regular contributions in Association publications and conventions.