Kinzenbaw Gift – Scholarships in Agricultural Engineering

Through a generous gift from Jon E. and Marcia A. Kinzenbaw the Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering has established support for students studying technical agriculture, women studying agriculture engineering and technology, and faculty research in agricultural and biosystems engineering.

Focused on supporting research and education, the Kinze Manufacturing ABE Faculty Research Fund will provide faculty in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering with resources for developing needed technology, enhancing teaching and continuing research to meet the current and future demands of the agriculture industry.

The Kinze Technical Agriculture Scholarship will help support undergraduate students majoring in agricultural engineering or agricultural systems technology who demonstrate an interest and passion for agriculture or farming. In addition, the Kinze Scholarship for Women in Agriculture Engineering and Technology will help encourage and support the education of the next generation of women in agriculture engineering and farming.

Jon Kinzenbaw said, “The consistent quality of the students, both in their knowledge and character, speaks volumes about Iowa State’s engineering program. For these reasons, and with this donation, Marcia and I are proud to continue our support of Iowa State as it educates the next generation of ag engineers and farmers.”