News from ASABE

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has completed two major agricultural equipment lighting and marking standard projects.

The first, completion of revision, ANSI/ASAE S279.18 OCT2019, Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways, requires the use of the SMV (Slow-Moving Vehicle) emblem on all interchangeable towed machinery and trailers. In the past, the SMV was only required on implements that obscured the SMV on the tractor/towing machine or was longer than five meters, or 16.4 feet.

ANSI/ASAE S279.18 also includes updated normative references and an illustrated guide. It will be published Oct. 31.

The second lighting and marking project involves the adoption of an international standard and the withdrawal of the ASABE standard on which it is based.

The adoption of ASABE/ISO 20383:2017, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Speed Identification Sign (SIS) replaces ANSI/ASAE S584.3, Agricultural Equipment: Speed Identification Symbol (SIS).

The society is also working on ASABE X648.4, Ag Field Equipment Braking for Towed Equipment. Technical changes are being made for implements behind special self-propelled equipment (combines and sprayers). Expect more information soon.

The committee focused on X620.1, Safety for Application Equipment, is still working on a draft for terminology and language.

Finally, ASABE is addressing comments received on X583.2, Safety for Agricultural Front Loaders.

If you have standards questions, contact Association consultant John Fisher at, or ASABE’s Scott Cedarquist at