Social Media Influencer Part 2

Getting Started & Influencer Compensation

Our members are innovators, boundary-pushers and problem-solvers. Many of you are of course savvy marketers as well, but in this fast-moving digital age, we can all use a little help from a pro. Tim Marks, who hosts Tractor Time with Tim—the largest YouTube channel dedicated to compact tractors and attachments—offered these thoughts in the current issue of our AgInnovator Magazine where Tim’s entire article can be found.

Getting Started 

Some companies start by sending equipment to as many channels as possible. Instead, we recommend carefully choosing only one influencer in your niche. After you have successfully worked with that influencer for a year or more, you might be ready to find a second. We recommend involving your first influencer in this decision. Remember, influencers are in a competitive business as well, and reaching out to a direct competitor can damage your relationship.

Your second influencer should represent a different niche. For example, our channel focuses on compact tractors and attachments. Another channel might focus on wood-cutting but use compact tractors. Another channel might focus on hunting and use compact tractors to create food plots. Another might be a farmer.

If you are selling brush mowers, each of these channels would be able to show your product, but they would not be direct competitors. Each influencer with a different focus will broaden the exposure to your product. Selecting two influencers in the exact same niche and likely sharing the same audience will be less effective and potentially cause competitive conflicts.

Influencer Compensation

This is not a one-size-fits-all process. If you sell online, a commission approach works well. If you use a dealer network, a monthly retainer can work. In some cases, the equipment itself can be the entirety of the compensation. Every situation is different. 

If you find a quality influencer partner, make sure that you consider the total value they provide. What would it cost to get quality close-up video of your product in action? Several different applications over time? Don’t hesitate to compensate them well. A relatively small marketing fee from your company could make a huge difference in the quality of the ongoing relationship. 

Get in touch with Tim Marks at Call him or send a text message at 317/689.8625. He and his wife Christy would be happy to help you make that first step into social media marketing, even if you’re outside their niche.

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