Supply Summit 2019: Explore the National, Industry Issues Affecting You

The issues that kept members awake in 2018 remain front-burner issues in 2019: the agriculture economy, trade and tariffs, and workforce development.


As we plan the 2019 Supply Summit & Showcase in Myrtle Beach, we focus on bringing you the best information available on those issues and others that you tell us matter the most: implementing lean principles at your plants and protecting against cyber attacks.

Join us at the Kingston Plantation Resort for a three-day immersion in understanding the issues, connecting with suppliers, and learning from one another. The Summit brings you together in a beautiful setting, and it strikes a balance in providing educational sessions, social time, and business meetings.

“The message we hear from members is consistent,” said Vernon Schmidt, the Association’s executive vice president. “They want to hear from the experts—the economists, the trade pros, but they want to hear from each other, too. There’s a certain magic that happens in the hallways between sessions when something they just heard from a speaker brings up an issue at their plants, and they mention it to another member, and a conversation begins …”

At the centerpiece of each Supply Summit is the Supplier Product Showcase, which is April 4. Early response, combined with limited showcase space, suggest this year will sell out, so suppliers are encouraged to register quickly.

Summit attendees characterize the meeting as a standout opportunity to connect with current supply partners and explore the possibilities of new partnerships.

In addition to the speakers introduced in this newsletter, the Association is planning a panel of seasoned executives to share best practices and tips on issues such as overcoming adversity and developing your local workforce. If you have suggestions for panelists, or topics you’d like to see addressed during the conversation, contact Kristi Ruggles at

Stayed tuned for more details in upcoming issues of Shortliner, including news about a visit to a state-of-the-art industrial training facility, an outing planned for spouses and guests, and the always popular networking events: trap shoot, golf, and a sampling of night life.

Learn more about the Supply Summit online at Or, call the Association at (314) 878-2304.