USPS Lowers Delivery Standard for Small Packages

The Postal Service has announced plans to implement a slower delivery standard for nearly a third of small, lightweight packages starting May 1.  The new standard will allow USPS to add an extra day or two to deliver these packages and still consider them on-time.

USPS implemented slower delivery standards for nearly 40% of first-class mail last fall.

The agency said the service standards are “delivery benchmarks” for how long customers can expect USPS to deliver different types of mail and packages, from their point of origin to their destination.

The new standard will allow the agency to shift more of its volume onto its own ground transportation delivery network, rather than rely on contracted air transportation. The agency said air transportation was growing too expensive and wasn’t providing reliable service.

USPS expects the new standard would save the agency $42 million a year and would allow it to provide more reliable and consistent package delivery.

“Modifying these service standards will allow for additional transport time for long-distance package deliveries and increased network efficiencies,” the agency wrote. s